Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Squirrels in trees

This is a picture of Bella, my ugly step sister, trying to climb a tree to catch the squirrel. I have brought a stick to beat the squirrel with when Bella shakes it out of the tree. We make a great squirrel hunting pair. My human says that Bella and I do a wonderful job of protecting the house and the yard. He says that he has not seen a wolverine in our back yard since we moved in. No elephants either he says. Boy are we good, we work for just a few bones, food morsels, head pats and a warm place to sleep. We are much cheaper than an alarm service, and we can keep you warm at night as well.

If any readers are worried about having wild wolverines or stray elephants in their yard, just call Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. Or go to to see if there is a Golden Guard available for your home. If you already have a security company or burglar alarm, we are more alert and we are a lot more fun. Besides, if you forget to pet us when you come home, the police don't come rushing to your door. Just try and take your burglar alarm for a walk. My human wants me to remind you that a Golden Guard on duty works even when the electricity goes out and it can keep you warm on a winter night.

Mogley, the 24/7 Golden Guard

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