Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swimming with Dogs!

Kevin Costner should star in the movie version of "Swimming with Dogs!" It would be a hit with all of my furry friends. Last night the humans invited another Golden Retriever Rescue foster family over to join us in an evening in the pool. I let humans do the inviting, they talk on the phone better than I do. Bella and I and our three new friends went from five dry dogs to five wet dogs in a minute. Look at the pictures and share our fun!
Above, I am coming out of the water towards the stairs, I got the ball. Bella is still dry, she thinks water is for drinking, not swimming. Sergeant and Sorsha are looking over the edge of the pool trying to spot more tennis balls. Below, Sergeant show us how to get into the water quickly!

Two humans, John and Kris, chauffeured Evelyn (9), Sergeant (7) and Sorsha (7) over to join us in a dip. Sargent was so excited he jumped, or fell, into the pool as he rushed into the back yard. Sorsha took a few more minutes to get her bearings, then a ball landed in the pool and she was in it in a flash. They brought a bag of tennis balls with them and there were floating balls everywhere. Sergeant and Sorsha are brother and sister, Evelyn is a "foster failure." They took her in to foster her, fell in love with her and refused to give her up. Sergeant and Sorsha are wild and play hard, Evelyn is more cautious, but once she gets over her uncertainty, she keeps up with us. I understand "foster failures", I am one myself, my humans took me in to foster me and refused to let me go.

What fun we had, the humans were swimming with us and throwing balls for us just like we have trained them to do. They are good at throwing balls but they are very poor at fetching them. Humans don't seem to have a good "fetch" gene in them. It is nice to see dogs and humans sharing the same fun times. So often we dogs go off and run without taking the time to include our humans. Evelyn took her time getting used to the water, she even required some help getting used to it and learning the correct swimming technique. Swimming is such good, clean, family fun.

Five wet dogs. Twenty tennis balls. One large swimming pool. That tells the whole story. What fun we had. What a good nights sleep I had when it was over.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley, it is your friend Evie here. I wanted to tell you thank you for having us over to swim last night. We had a really good time! Sergeant and Sorsha say thank you too. We were all happy to meet you face to face. Wow are you a lucky dog getting to live with great humans and have your own personal pool. Hope to see you again soon. Your friends, Sergeant, Sorsha and Evelyn

  2. That looked like so much fun. We don't swim yet but our person keeps trying to encourage us to go in our little kiddie pool. So far we just love dunking our heads in and fetching out tennis balls. We love our tennis balls in the water too.

    Holly & Zac

  3. HAHAHAHA! What great pictures. Mogley it sure looks like you had fun with your other golden friends. We Goldens are great swimmers. We love to float on the rafts in the pool, too at our house!

    Benson and Gibson