Saturday, January 17, 2009

All the news!

Bella and I got to run in the big 12 mile dog park today. Ozzie went along, Ozzie is a recent adoption by a friend and is still getting over his stay in Doggie Jail. Ozzie is a mystery dog, we don't know what kind he is, but he is a wonderful friend. He plays well, he walks and runs with us well, and he is lots of fun. He does not like water very much, but he did get muddy up to his knees. Ozzie's owner had a DNA test done on him to try and identify him, Ozzie looks like a terrier/old English sheepdog cross. The DNA test said he was something that was silly. It turns out that DNA testing on dogs may be a little hit or miss until they get a larger data base. Currently they only have a few dog breeds in the data bank so they have to reply with one of the answers they have. We know what he is, he is a good dog!

Meanwhile Bella and I made a mad dash to the river. It has been warm in our area, almost 60 today, and it will be warmer for the next several days. The river was running free of ice, we had huge fun running and splashing in the shallows. We even ran into several other Golden Retriever Rescue dogs who were enjoying the warm weather. Our owner reminds us that everything has a price. The price we had to pay was baths. By the time we were home we were covered with little balls of dried mud. Now we are clean and ready to start all over. I wonder if we can do it again tomorrow?

The trip to the dog park was to compensate us for not getting a foster friend today. The Doctor said our human has to take it easy for a few more days. This will give me time to write more blogs, perhaps I can add a few more pages to my dog/human dictionary.

We received a very nice comment on our blog from our friends The Bumpass Hounds. Sophie, their current foster, sent word that she has already found her forever home, she does not know why they continue to look for a new home for her, she is ready to sign the paperwork and stay. We will watch and see if she gets her way. If you like reading about dogs, be sure you visit

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Well, having a DNA test for your dog, at least you can have some information about your dog - better than nothing. Just found one site that promote dog dna breed identification tool.

  2. So glad you had fun at the park even though you got muddy and had to have a bath. hehe.

  3. Dear Mogley --
    Been thinking . . . we can help more dogs by donating $120 to a rescue than spending it for dna testing.
    Sure hope your human is ready to drive again soon for your next foster friend!

  4. We've used all the different places that do the DNA test and we now refer all our clients to the DNA Diagnostics Center. They are the ones you see on TV doing the human DNA but they also have a Pet DNA site

    We have found them to be accurate and reasonably priced...and they just need a cheek swab sample.