Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Philosopher Dog, Part 3, continued

To help humans understand how important dogs are to the national economy and to the national well being, I would like to point out a few tips that have come from fellow blogging dogs.

The Bumpass Hounds (TBH) have reminded us that if you take a dog with you to McDonald's, cut your sandwich in 1/2 and give 1/2 to the dog, you will decrease your cholesterol intake by 50%. Take a walk with the dog and you will reduce it further. Proof that dogs are good for your health, especially good at reducing your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure levels.

TBH pointed out that dogs are the perfect psychiatrists. Simply lie down with your dog, tell him all of your problems, tell him about your hopes and dreams. He will tell no one, he will give you encouragement, he will give you comfort, he will give you a friendly wag and a lick on the face. All for the price of a few kibbles or a stuffed dog toy. This will save you so much money that you might have spent on psychiatrist bills, that you can now afford a new dress or a new Frisbee to throw in the back yard.

If you are not convinced that dogs are important to our civilization, consider this. Where do you think humans learned how to recycle? From dogs, of course. If it were not for dogs, the country would be overrun by used tennis balls. Everyday millions of people play tennis, they rarely use a new tennis ball for long, then they replace it. What do you think happens to all of those mountains of used tennis balls? Dogs dispose of them. Dogs keep the highways and parks from being littered with millions of used tennis balls. Did you splurge on a steak dinner? Guess who is ready and willing to recycle that slightly used "T" bone? Dogs taught humans how to recycle. Dogs are so good at recycling, they even recycle cat vomit. Let nothing go to waste is our motto.

All this time you probably thought that dogs were not deep thinkers and philosophers. Stay tuned for more wisdom from the ages, handed down from dog to dog and disclosed to you by blogging dogs!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. You have such clever theories. I love them all, and am a believer. =)

  2. Homer J., The Bumpass Hound Fillofitster, believes that when Mogley posts "Part 3 - Continued," he is in fact posting "Part 4."
    - TBH

  3. How true, how true! I luv the reminder that we were "green" before Green was "in"....those humans; they sure have alot to learn (glad YOU'RE here to instruct them, Mogley!

    ~ DoDoBird (Mo's Hound)