Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Philosopher Dog, Part 2

If you search "Dogs who blog" on the Internet, you will get 67,000,000 items. If you search "Humans who blog" you will get 26,400,000 items. Dogs lead by more than a 2 to 1 majority. Clearly when it comes to blogging wisdom, Dogs Rule! Now it is time for dogs to lead.

With a presidential inauguration only hours away, one of the most searched terms on the Internet is what type of dog should be "First Dog" in the White House. Clearly the American voter wants to put a dog in the White House. In spite of all of this evidence, few people take dogs seriously. Humans forget how critical dogs are to the health of our country. If it were not for dogs, millions more people would be overweight. If every home had a dog there would be millions more people taking a daily walk, millions of pounds lost, millions less heart attacks and diabetes. The savings on our health care system would be huge. Healthy people work harder, make more money so the economy would be stronger. People do not understand that the whole economic mess is caused by too many dogs in dog pounds, too few dogs in homes where they could be making people exercise and work harder.

A healthy home is a Doggie home. We should talk to the American Medical Association about writing prescriptions for "Take one dog for a walk every four hours until condition (weight) improves." The new all American diet would be "The Dog Diet; Take one roast beef sandwich, cut in 1/2. Feed 1/2 to dog, eat 1/2 yourself, then take dog for a walk." This would be the ideal national health plan! It would be cheap, it would not increase taxes or the national budget.

Dogs Rule!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That is a great health plan. An overweight dog just means the human does not exercise enough. I am glad to have a happy healthy home.

  2. Mogley,
    Our "Doc" relays to us that dogs do not have a cholesteral problem so the health of America can be improved at no cost to the public if every American took a dog with them when the go to McDonalds and only buy their regular orders but give half to the dog. This would cut calories consumed by people by 1/2 and result in lower cholesteral and cardiac problems among the population and not adversely affect the canine population as they easily burn of the calories, unlike lazy people, and dogs would not have elevated cholesterol.
    - TBH