Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Philosopher Dog, Part 4

It has been boring lately. Instead of the sunny winter days we are supposed to have here in sunny Colorado, it has been snow and cold. People don't realize that the snow falls in the mountains, the sun shines on the plains. But when it does turn cold, it is boring. We can not run in the fields or splash in the streams when icicles form on our feet. Luckily our cousins were bored as well so they came by for a play date. We played inside and outside in the snow and cold. That helped for one day.

We do not have a new foster friend to help on to a new life, our human still has trouble seeing and we can not have a new visitor till he sees better. He says that any day now we will have a new foster friend to coach and to help find a forever home. This brings us to our philosophy of the day.

With one eye covered by a bandage, the human still sees more than he can understand. Dogs have much better eyesight, we can see squirrels and birds miles away while humans have to stumble over them before they know they are there. If Bella and I were not barking at the fox in the park, the humans would not have a clue it was there and in danger of trespassing in our back yard. We see much more than humans do, and we understand it all. Humans see very little and seem to spend their lives confused by it all. Dogs see much more, and we understand everything we see.

A dogs sense of smell is thousands of times better than is the humans, the human nose is much bigger and they spend a lot of time blowing it, all for naught, they smell bad, they smell badly, but they can't smell anything. Dogs smell so much more, scents are like writing on a page, smells tell the story of who went where. When the human comes home, I can tell if he visited a home with a dog and I can tell if he played with the other dog. I can tell where he stopped for lunch and what he put on his hamburger, I hate onions and pickles, but he eats them anyway. The scents on a post or in the air are a story waiting to be read by my nose. Outside of the pet store I stopped to read the latest nose news on the post, I had not even read the headlines with my nose before he was tugging on the leash. The human sniffs loudly and announces that he smells wood smoke in the air. Well, Hello! It is wood smoke from a fire that used newspapers to start with, based on the smell it was a Sunday newspaper, they have more color ink in them and smell different. Then they used two sticks of pine, probably western lodgpole from around Dillon. But all the human smells is a wood fire. They miss so much.

They have two eyes and a huge nose, but they still can't see what we see or smell what we smell. That is why it is so important for all dogs to provide leadership to humans. Tell them when we see something interesting,, tell them when we smell something newsworthy. Clearly Dogs have a clearer view of the world, we understand more of what we see and smell. This is why we have the DDW (Dogs Dominating the World) project. We will overcome!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey Mogley,
    Once again you're hitting the nail right on the head. Our dad had one of his eyes fixed a few years ago and did that whole eye bandage thing. He had a cornea replaced because he saw things twice as good at night; well at least he said he was seeing double. Anyway his operation fixed it. We think our dad has more patience than your dad. Our dad always lets us read the trees, bushes and posts. He even lets us go all the way through the classified ads if we want to. He is not quick to tug unless we are on a mission and even then he'll tell us beforehand that we don't have time to Dilly Dally. (Dilly Dally used to be on some TV show dad watched when he was a kid.) Mom is studying to be an L.V.T. so she knows about our noses. She says that us dogs have really superior senses (except for Shiloh who has very little sense except for nonsense). Since we have 9 dogs, just 3 cats and only 2 people in our household we have already established total dog dominance of our world (DDOW).
    As our ailing buddy Spencer would say,
    - The Bumpass Hounds

  2. OBTW: This is actually Part 5, not part 4, cause you did that Part 3 (Continued) thing which made that Part 3 really Part 4 so this can't be Part 4 and must reallt be part 5. Gotcha!

  3. What great information. You have such good puppy wisdom. =)