Friday, August 14, 2009

A Home for Clyde!!!

Below, Clyde shows us what he thinks of dinner. He can eat and protect his precious footballs at the same time.

Just because I am laying down, don't think you can get away with stealing one of my footballs.

Clyde is demonstrating how big of a football fan he is. He can't wait till football season begins.

Last night we drove Clyde and Muffin over to Golden, Colorado to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) site. We met some very nice people that were looking for a companion for their golden. Clyde was a perfect fit not to mention an almost perfect clone of their current Golden Lady. His new home has squirrels in the trees and a nice yard to run in as well as two people that know how to spoil a Golden. Clyde took one of his blue footballs with him, it is his favorite toy and he will feel so much more at home with something he knows. He was also sent with a tennis ball so he would not suffer withdrawal. The nice people even agreed to take Clyde in to the vet for his knee operation and to nurse him back to health. We hope they keep us informed as he progresses. Muffin went along for the ride, but she almost got taken also, the adopters had a long discussion about whether two Goldens or three Goldens was the perfect number. We think they will compromise by becoming foster parents for other rescued Goldens. That way they can discover that the perfect number of Goldens in a home is always "more". A new forever home for a wonderful Golden. Now that is a story worth waiting for!

While we were there another couple adopted Sonny, he was sure happy to have a home of his own. He is younger and his new home has all kinds of wild life. Bunny rabbits, deer, foxes, raccoons and lots of squirrels. Boy what a perfect place for an active younger Golden. He will keep the house from being attacked by those dangerous wild animals. The occupants can sleep safe tonight, a Guard Golden is on duty.
Above, Muffin has the squirrel trapped in a tree, for a moment at least. Muffin is still with us. She is not trying too hard to find a new home. She pointed out to us that there is no hurry to find a home, this one has empty dog beds, empty feeding bowls and a surplus of toys now that Clyde has moved on with his life. GRRR assures us that we will be filling the empty beds and using the empty bowls soon, many more Goldens are coming in every day. Muffin still has to have a visit to the vet, she has a small growth on her eye that has to be taken off and she has a fatty tumor that has to go. If she does not get a new home soon, she will have to stay here while she recovers.

Thanks for reading.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. So glad Clyde got a home. Sounds like things are going pretty good for the moment.

  2. I love reading your 'found a home' stories. I hope there are many more to come!

  3. So happy for Clyde. Hopefully his memories of how he came to you as a foster will never be remembered by him.
    Such simple needs, his football, ball, and some love touches.
    Good job, Mogley for giving another deserving golden a fresh start!!!
    Sounds like he got a great family, too.

  4. Hurray for Clyde! What a fun life he will have.

    love & wags,