Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kiwi takes a car ride

Below, I am on the left, then Kiwi with Bella on the right.

Photo proof that Kiwi is riding in a car. Without shaking or trying to run away. Kiwi has been a major problem to get into a car. She has fought so hard that the humans finally gave up and just left her home. They started working to get Kiwi excited about rides. Slowly they have worked her into the car using us as bait. With us in the car, Kiwi was concerned about being left behind. They gave us treats in the car with the door open. Then they left Kiwi behind while we drove off with us hanging out the window. Kiwi finally decided her fear of cars was less than her fear of being left behind and she began climbing in on her own. So now we get rides around the block just for practice.

Below, a three way tug-o-war between myself on the left, Bella in the center and Kiwi on the right.

Kiwi is joining in and playing with us in our wrestling and romping. Kiwi is a very good mouth wrestler, she can put up a good fight. Kiwi also is playing fetch. She is good at fetching, she is a little hesitant about dropping, she is afraid we will take it away before the human can throw it for her. She is right, we will steal it if we get the chance.

Rusty Muffin was in the car, her head was hanging out until the camera appeared. She has a very bad case of camera fear. When the camera comes out, Muffin hides. Rusty is recovering fine from her surgery. She is leaving the stitches alone so she will heal very fast. We think she is a neat lady to have in our home with us.
Both Muffin and Kiwi are still looking for their forever homes. They are ready now, Muffin is over her surgery and Kiwi is learning her basic commands. If you have anyone that needs a lot of love, or a lot of energy, we can meet either demand.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey Mogley,
    That's progress, slow but steady and one step at a time. You and bella are like the best teachers ever. When we go fishing can we use you as bait since you already can do that? We hope that (Rusty) Muffin has a speedy recovery and that both her and Kiwi soon find their GRRReat furever homes. We love youse guys.
    - TBH&K

  2. How do you tell them apart? :)

  3. Such good progress with the car and such fun with the tug-o-war! We are sure that folks will be knocking down your door wanting to adopt!

  4. That is so wonderful that with the help of her new family she is not afraid :)

  5. Nice work with Kiwi. She'll get her confidence up soon enough with the car, I'm sure. LOVE the 3 way tug!