Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The life of Sarah

Hi Mogley, your friend Evie here again.

We have a new foster dog at our house I want to tell you about. Her name is Sarah. She is about 1 year old and she told me no one cared enough to get her spayed and she already has had a litter of puppies. She is still just a puppy herself, what were her people thinking? Well, she is with GRRR now and all will be well. She has been to see Dr. C and is now formerly retired from having litters. She can concentrate on just being a wonderful golden now.

Of course no one taught her anything. It isn't her fault. She is very smart and a quick learner if someone just takes the time. She has been here only a few days and she already knows how to come in the dog doors. Our mom helped her once, gave her limited assistance a second time and that was it. She has the coming in down pat now. We are helping her with the going out part now. She wants to be inside so bad that going out by herself isn't on her list yet. I think she got left out alone too much and she is just enjoying being with people. She really likes being around us permanent resident dogs. She follows us around and is learning the ways of a golden from all three of us. She has learned about toys from Sarg. She has appointed herself as the emptier of the toy basket. She wants all the toys out where she can see them to make her playing selection. She is learning about playing with tennis balls from Sorsha. She has started running back and forth with her while Sorsha is playing catch with dad. She is learning to go to mom for pets from me. I notice whenever anyone sits down and I run over to get an ear scratching, Sarah comes with me. I explained to her that people have two hands and can pet two dogs at one time. It is our responsibility to make sure the humans don't get bored and that their hands have something to do at all times.

Unfortunately when no one took the time to train Sarah it also means they didn't bother to house break her either. She is learning. Mom and dad haven't had to potty train a dog in a very long time and had a discussion about the best way to go about it. They are using a modified version of what they did when Sarg and Sorsha were babies. I came house trained thank you very much! Sarah sleeps in her crate at night and mom takes everyone outside first thing in the morning. Sarah gets lots of praise when she potties appropriately. If she potties she gets to stay out of the crate as long as there is a human to supervise her. She gets taken out about every hour and a half to 2 hours to the potty area. We have been accident free for a week now.

Cleo and Molly say she is kitty certified. Molly had to set her straight with a hiss and a slap to let her know that you can't play with a kitty until the kitty says so. Sarah didn't even try to play with Cleo. Cleo is the very old and regal kitty here and no one messes with her. Mon calls here an apartment model. That means she is very small. She is still a little on the thin side too.

Anyone that is looking for a very sweet little girl needs to put their application in with GRRR and put Sarah's name on it. She is a very active, fast learning young Golden.

Thanks for the help Mogley,

your friend Evie

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  1. Hey Mogley,
    Your friend Evie and her siblings are doing a great job with Sarah. It only takes a little effort and patience. We've got Sarah on our "wishing for a GRRReat furever home list."
    - TBH&K