Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarah's new home!

Hi Mogley, your swimming buddy Evie here.

Mission Accomplished!

I wanted to tell you that Sarah has a new forever home. What a lucky girl she is. Her new people fell in love with her picture and just had to have her. She will have 2 homes. One down here and a mountain cabin with a stream to swim in. I personally don't like to get more than my paws in the water but Sarah sure does as we found out at our last swim fest at your place. She is even going to have another golden for company. That one is a baby but she promises to help raise the little one and be a good big sister. She is very excited and is busy packing her things. She gets picked up in the morning and off she goes to the mountain cabin. What a life! Little Sarah deserves it though after her rough start in life. Good luck Sarah you will be missed.

Your pal Evie

Comment from Mogley:
Evie, Sarge and Sorsha (with a little help from their resident cats) do such a good job of helping homeless dogs find their home. They take young dogs under their paws and teach them to be good companions. Thanks for all you do.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Please tell Sarah that if she needs any company at the mountain cabin to give me a call! :)

  2. It's always nice to read a positive post on an orphan finding a home.

  3. YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!

  4. Hey Mogley,
    YAHOO for Evie and Sarah. GRRR comes through again. We wish Sarah all the best; health happiness and long life in her new furever homeS. We're hoping Kiwi is next; she may need a little more polishing though to make sure she's ready. No one better than you to handle it.
    - TBH&K

  5. We're so happy for Sarah. Thanks for taking such good care of her while she was waiting to find her forever home.