Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The end of summer

Here is Aspen, enjoying the last few rays of sun before the rain and snow arrive. She is very skilled at napping.
Bella and I have been in mourning since Saturday. A big storm with rain and snow was coming out of the mountains. So they covered the swimming pool. No more swims in the pool. No more fun in the sun. The humans say that they have found a new place where we can swim until it freezes, they promised to take us all this week end. We will see if it is as much fun as the pool.

Aspen and Tess are still with us. Aspen plays a mean game of fetch. She fetches balls and even drops them on command. Tess is learning her manners rapidly. She sits well, comes when called, even "stays" a little bit. She is ready for a new home. We hope they can meet with some prospective new homes this week end.

It has been raining and even snowing since Saturday. We have been inside because it is too wet to play outside. They make us go out, then we come in wet and they complain because we smell like wet dogs. Duh!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Just tell them next time they get out of the shower that they smell like wet peoples! :)

    That should shut them up!

  2. Very cute pic, nothing like finding a good spot to sun and sleep!!! We covered out pool too, so sad!!! But I love playing in the rain and snow too!! Hope things start looking up for you!!!

    lotsa licks,

  3. Oh, I know how you love your swims. Seems like such a short season this year for swimming. Very nice of your humans to find you a good place to swim until winter sets in for good.
    I heard about the snow in Colorado and was surprised it came so early this year. We live in Texas and have had a very mild September. It usually is hot until October.
    Take care, and love reading your blog.

  4. Aw Aspen...nothing like soaking up some sweet rays in a soft bed of grass :)

  5. Isn't that what retrievers are supposed to smell like?:) BTW that is expert napping form Aspen has there.

  6. We are still having fun in the sun and will take a big swim for you. Cause there is nothin' as good as a wet dog.
    No one knows if I have ever seen snow but the peeps have promised I will this summer.

  7. Hey Mogley and Bella,
    We want you to know that Aspen's napping performance is the epitome of true Golden Retriever form and substance. She does the breed proud. Sorry to hear about your swimming hole getting closed. Our atomic power heated lake is still open if you'd care to drop by. How about that great news that Kona got adopted by his foster family. Sometimes failed fosters are acceptable if the mojo is right; we've obviously got a lot od mojo around here. Let us know if your new swimming place pans out for you.
    - TBH&K