Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Foster Friends

World, we would like to introduce our two new foster friends. Aspen and Tess are staying with us until we can find them new homes. Below is 10 year old Aspen.

Below is Tess. This is her normal position. Three years old and full of energy, Tess is enjoying having a big yard, lots of room to run and new friends to run with.

Below are Tess and Aspen, enjoying the sun and grass.

Thursday afternoon the chauffer left without us. The story we heard was that he wanted to look at a new SUV. He had cleaned out the old SUV and was making the rounds of the dealers trying to find a new one. While he was gone, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) called him and told him they had two new fosters to pick up. Aspen and Tess had been to the vet for their check up and were now being blow dried at the groomer's. By then the chauffer had picked out a new car so Aspen and Tess were the first to ride in the new dog hauler. Bella and I are a little angry that we were not the first, but I guess it worked out all right, we did get two new play mates.

Aspen is 10 years old. She is the victim of unemployment. Her family lost their jobs and lost their home. Two adults and two children were forced to surrender their life long friend. Aspen is such a wonderful companion, the loss to the family must have been devastating. To Aspen, the loss of her familiar home and her life long friends was a huge blow. She is rebounding by being the best Golden that she can be. She is succeeding by settling in to her new surroundings very quickly. She is wonderfully housebroken, she uses dog doors with ease, she is well socialized and plays well with others. The three resident cats have accepted her and she ignores them. She shows her excitement by barking a single bark when she wants something. If her leash is in sight she will stand in front of it and bark once or twice, trying to entice someone into a walk. She is very polite on a leash, not trying to go her own way but taking her cues from her human companion. She is so well mannered, she would be a wonderful addition to a quiet home. She will ask to be let in and out the back door when she needs to go, if the dog door is not available. If you have a quiet home, Aspen would fit in beautifully. But don't think there is no fire in her, she still has a sense of adventure, within one hour of arriving at our house, all clean and fluffy from the groomer, Aspen jumped into the Koi pond and came out soaking and smelly. Her heavy coat took a long time to dry. Her family spent a lot of time training her and it shows in her wonderful behavior. It was truly a tragedy to the family who lost her, but she will be a wonderful addition to a new home if you are lucky enough to adopt her.

Tess is almost the complete opposite of Aspen. Tess is three years old and has the energy to prove it. She was surrendered by her family who were elderly. Having a ball of energy in their house was too much for them over time. They were not up to the exercise she required, or to providing the training and discipline to help Tess become a wonderful companion. Tess has all the personality you could ever ask for. She is attentive and very motivated to please. She will be well behaved once someone tells her what the rules are. She is very well housebroken, and she is a lover. If a hand is available she will be under it getting petted. She should have been named "Attention Hound". She needs work on her commands. She is wonderful with "come". She is challenged by "sit" and "stay". Her strong point is how well she pays attention and how quickly she learns. After two days, she is responding to "sit" and will sit (for a moment) on command. "Stay" is the next project on our list. If you need a loving young lady to join you on your jogs and adventures on mountain trails, Tess is the Golden for you. She will require an investment in training and discipline, but the rewards will be tremendous. She is so intelligent and so motivated to earn your praise that she will be the ideal companion in a very short time.

Help us find the perfect forever home for these two wonderful Golden girls.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. It is so sad that they had to leave their homes but at least they have a chance for another good home. They are both beautiful.

    love & wags,

  2. 2 beautiful girls! It always breaks my heart to see the oldies lose their's such a change for them.

  3. Oh those poor goldens!! Thank goodness they have you and hopefully they will find a forever home, they are beautiful!!!

    lotsa licks,

  4. We think they are both beautiful. Very sad to read Aspen's story in particular but we hope finding a good rescue place brought her family some comfort.

    Hope the two find wonderful new homes when they are ready.


  5. Awwww! Thank goodness for you kind-hearted rescuers! Best of luck to the pups in finding forever homes!

  6. Dear Aspen - old gold is the best gold.

    Tess sounds like you need to embrace the saying a tired dog is a good dog. Keep up the great work.
    Life is Better on 3 Legs than 4

  7. My Husband and I think we could make a lovely forever home for Aspen. We think she would fit right into our lifestyle and we could make her happy and she could make us happy. Please contact us.