Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rusty Muffin

It seems funny to be happy writing a sad blog. It seems strange to be sad while writing a happy blog. So I don't know how to feel about this blog. You see, Muffin went to her new forever home today. She had become so much a part of our life that we did not really think about losing her. We knew she had to find a forever home soon, she was 10 years old and she had to enjoy some good years with her new family while she could. We are happy to report that Muffin went to the picnic with us today, she met four different possible family's there. She spent time with each one. We don't think there was a single time during the day that Muffin was not getting attention from someone. People came by and introduced themselves then stopped to pet and love Muffin for a while.

When it came time to go home, she went with a very nice couple. She had to meet their two resident goldens first to see if they were compatible, but they passed the test. Muffin will share a home with two older goldens, she won't have to worry about a puppy pulling her ears or stealing her toys. She will have a loving home, quiet and caring. Shortly after we arrived home we had a telephone call from the new family, they wanted to know what type of bed Muffin would prefer. Now that is a home that knows how to spoil a lady. The family are long time Golden Retriever Rescue supporters, they like to help older dogs enjoy their golden years in style.

We helped Muffin look for a forever home, but the reality of her leaving is only now slowly sinking in. We will miss Muffin, she was truly a queen. But we have a feeling they will keep us updated on her progress and her life. We are sad she is gone, but we are overjoyed that she will be living with people that care for her, appreciate her and will love her. Muffin will truly have a few golden years ahead of her. Meanwhile, there are two other abandoned Golden's walking on concrete and living behind chain link tonight, we should pick them up tomorrow and give them a home until we can place them permanently. That is what rescue is all about, we have to give up a wonderful friend in order to help two Golden's that are in need of someone to rescue them, evaluate them and help them on to their new life as well.

The people that deserve a special mention are the ones who will take an older golden into their lives. They will have a very special friend, a mellow, mannered and loving older golden. But they also know they will face the pain of loss soon, there is a balance, it is a wonderful time in their lives and it is more than worth the pain of loss that inevitably will follow. Thank you for what you do for these senior citizens.

I will write about the picnic at the lake and post some photos later, but we thought the news about Muffin was pretty special and deserved its own blog.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. When I saw 'sad' and 'forever home', I really missed the boat! I need to learn to read the WHOLE post before I get 'sad' :)

    I'm glad she found her new home!!

  2. Such good news! And sad.

    Glad she has a new home but sad you're missing her.

  3. Yes, sad, but happy.Good people, who already have two goldens and willing to make sure this wonderful, lady has her last years being loved and secure.
    Good people and foster helper dogs{Bella and Mogley} who make sure that the never ending stream of goldens find their forever homes.

  4. Oh, Mogley, Such wonderful news! You are so wonderful to share your home...So happy that Rusty Muffin found a loving Forever Home. Hawk

  5. Mogley, that is just the best news. I know you guys miss her, but for her to get a great home and now you can save 2 more lives...that is wonderful. Give your humans some special kisses for helping so many goldens. They are the best!