Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gone for a ride!

Kiwi has a terrible fear of cars. She went for five car rides in which she was abandoned in a shelter. She is afraid to get into a car for fear she will lose her home again and end up behind chain link, lonely and frightened again.

But we can't go to the dog park, the pet food store or even the ice cream place without getting into the car. We have been enticing Kiwi into the car with us. When Bella, Muffin and I run out the front door and jump in the car, Kiwi runs with us, then puts the breaks on at the door of the car. With a few treats and lots of urging from us, she finally climbs in. Then we drive around the block, back to the house and back into the house. Then we do it all again.

Then there is the problem with Kiwi coming when called. She is getting better about walking on the leash, sitting and staying, but she still thinks that "Come Kiwi" is a suggestion, not a command. So it is out back in the yard with dog treats and lots of attention to make Kiwi respond when called. The humans say this is a must before we go to the big picnic because there are no fences at the picnic, she has to stay close and come when called.

She is getting better about coming when called and getting into the car, we think she can go to the big picnic next week if she continues to improve. Otherwise she is going to feel very bad if she gets left home while we go romp with the Goldens.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Please let me know how the 'come when called' works! Jack has decided that 'Come' means 'I've got 5 more minutes to sniff'.

  2. That's a lot of abandonment for one dog. No wonder she's afraid to get in the car. We hope she will be ready to go on the picnic.

  3. You all are so good to help her learn to like the car ride. What a lot of work but she totally deserves it. I bet she will like the big picnic. We can't wait to see the millions of goldens at the pick-a-nick.

    love & wags,