Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adoption Central!

Above, Alexis looks at the squirrel Abby has treed.

Today our home became Adoption Central for a few hours.   A couple had applied to adopt a Golden Retriever, they had been approved, and the Golden's they wanted to meet were Abby and Daisy.   Our cousin brought Alexis by so that everyone would be available if they wanted to meet them.   We did not know how Alexis would respond so it was a good time to find out.    We have given up on adopting Abby out at Adoption Central, every time Abby goes near the kennels she goes berserk with barking.   She says she has bad memories there because that is where she was dropped off by her first family.    So Daisy and Abby will have to meet possible Forever Homes at our place.   

The couple was a very nice couple, Abby, Daisy and Alexis all worked hard to impress them.   They took all three of them for a walk in the park to see how their leash manners were.   They played with all three, and then decided it was going to be a hard choice.   Daisy claimed them, she did her best, but they had some worries about her health.   We have one more visit to the vet before she gets a clean bill of health.    Abby was so busy chasing squirrels that they decided it would be unfair to take her because they did not have a squirrel in their yard.    That left Alexis.   She was on her best behaviour and she got picked for a Forever Home.     Alexis had spent the first four years of her life on a long tie out chain in the back yard.   She did not know about warm houses and laps.   In her short stay at our cousins house she had to learn to go outside to go potty, she had to learn how to behave in side, and she had to learn how to socialise.   She took to her new life with gusto.   She did a wonderful job of adjusting, she was ready to go to a higher level, and she got the chance today to move up in her life.    

Have a happy life Alexis, we wish you a wonderful journey and we hope to see you at our Golden Retriever Reunion party.    Her new owners promised to stay active and go to our events.   

Our cousins came along to see the action, in truth, when Alexis ran out to jump in the car, they ran out to and would not get out.    So while the new couple met Daisy, Abby and Alexis, Piper, Molly and I ran and played.    So it was a good day for all.

Above, Daisy, Bella, Molly, Mogley and Piper in the background, waiting while Abby and Alexis went for a walk with possible adopters.

We may be getting one more foster Golden tonight or tomorrow.   Two new rescues need homes.  Our cousins may take one and we will add one more here.   Stay tuned.     Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies has been busy, a puppy mill was closed down by the authorities and we ended up with older females and some puppies.   If you have ever wanted to foster a Golden Retriever, now is a good time to volunteer.   Sending money is nice also, puppies are expensive to raise to adoption age.   

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Thanks fur the GReat GOLDEN update!

    We'll be looking furward to seeing more additions to the respekhtive furamilies!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie By Proxy

  2. Oh Mogley, that is wonderful news, Alexis getting her forever home. We really don't think Daisy and Abby want to leave your home, they have it made. An exiting life and lots of cousins to play with.

    Earnhardt, Lady (senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  3. So happy for Alexis, but sad for Daisy (everyone has some medical issue, why should that be a problem?). And Abby - well, I truly thinks she wants to stay with you Mogley, and keep you and your bipeds squirrel free!! Daisy, your day will come!!

  4. Mogley;
    Another job well done by your crew and biped.
    We wish Alexis and long and happy life in her new forever home.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. Thank you for sharing Alexis' story. I always cry at a happy ending!

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