Friday, March 25, 2011

Dead Toys!

As you can see, Bella killed my new Blue Huron.  She is taking a nap after demolishing my new toy.   She had already demolished her new toy, a squirrel.   She said that it was the only way to save them.    She has been watching too much TV news from Washington DC.  
Late tonight, Friday, we will be invaded by our cousins and Gracie.    That's right folks, the "A" team of demolition will be arriving to spend a week with us.   Molly, Piper and Emma along with Gracie will be staying with us for a week.     Bella said that she just as well rip the toys up because they would not survive the first ten minutes of the invaders.     She made so much sense that I found one toy that still had some stuffing left in it, and I tore it out also.     Because by this time tomorrow we will have no toys left alive.  

We do have fun when they are here.   There is always at least one dog that is ready to go play.  If we wear out, then someone else takes over.   Piper and Molly can wear us all out, then they wear out each other.  

We also have some work to do.   We have to take good photos of Gracie so she can go up on the web site.  It will take some time, but we have to get acquainted with her and do a nice write up so that she can find her new home.    Since she does not like crowds and wild playing, we wonder how she is going to fit in.   She will probably follow Emma off into a quiet corner and hide from the madness.

Nala is doing better each day.   She is back to the energy level she had before she was treated for HeartWorm.  She does not hide when the going gets wild, she holds her own in the house, making everyone walk around her.   She is second in command, behind Bella.  She does not outrank me, but I do defer to her as she is senior and she gets our respect.  Stay tuned, we should have photos of our newest 11 year old foster lady, Gracie, by Sunday.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Have fun this weekend, we are sure it will not be a quite one.
    Look forward to the Gracie photos.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. You just shouldn't do this to your stuffees, you guys! I have every stuffee but ONE that I have been given and I play with them all. This makes me so sad when I see stuffee guts on the floor. Can't you fix them? My Mom would fix them.



  3. Somebody needs new toys! STAT!


  4. Good gracious, your living room looks like WWIII. We are glad mommie got to see it, now we are her number one.
    We wish you a wonderful week of playing and romping. Be kind to Gracie and give Nala a big hug from us.
    We are looking forward to Gracie's picture.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  5. I hope you have a great time this weekend and have more toys to kill!

  6. You did an awesome job killing it