Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will a blogg post write itself?

Will a blog post write itself?   We think not.   The resident "one who is paw challenged" or OWPC, is busy writing a proposal for a new company and hogs the computer.    So we have to sneak on the computer when he is not looking.   

Today we went to the Vet for our annual shots and our heart worm test so we could begin our heart worm medications before the mosquitoes start flying around.  We took Nala with us even though she had been to the vet last week and had her blood draw for the test.   When we arrived at the vets office, we learned that Nala is heart worm positive.   Whether this is an "again" or a recurrence of the prior infection, we don't know.    Nala is spending the night at the vet's office and we won't be able to pick her up till Friday.    Poor Nala, she was getting to where she was living a comfortable life, now she has to go through the treatment again.   Hopefully it is a light infection, as it has not been too long since her prior test.    Good Luck, Nala, we will see you soon.  Sorry you missed dinner but they promised they would feed you.   You will be missing your friends, we heard you barking as we left, and we will be missing you. 

He says he is also going to work on the new web site for the International Association of Procrastinators (IAP),   Last week you learned that their association has been slow to get off the ground.    We had scheduled the organizational meeting but no one showed up for it.    That is just as well, he did not get to the meeting location until two hours later.   The hotel did not mind, the reservation clerk did not get the meeting room reserved anyway.   We may have to give her an automatic membership, obviously she qualifies.  If this keeps up we may have more members than AARP in a year or two.     We may sell membership certificates, when someone does not get a job done in time you can present them with a certificate. 

He put out a request for suggested rules for the association.   The only suggestion we have received back is that we should have a rule that our members should not sky dive, procrastination in pulling the rip cord could have severe consequences.  

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hoping Nala is ship shape in short order.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. All Paws crossed that Nala is home where she belongs soon!!!

  3. Oh, Nala, we are sorry for the diagnosis. Kodiak was discovered to be HW+ when we adopted him, but he came through the treatments well.

  4. We are sorry to hear Nala is heart worm positive again. We are also surprised to hear you don't take heart worm medication during the winter -- we do, year around. We are sending Nala a special hug.

    Mommie probably would be a good member for the International Association of Procrastinators club. She certainly would never go sky diving.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  5. Dear Sweet Nala, We are saying prayers for you right now and hope you will be back home real soon so you can enjoy Spring with all your friends. Libby and Kid Rock

  6. Sending good vibes to Nala!


  7. I'm so sorry to hear Nala didn't pass the test. I hope she can shake the worms in a hurry and come home.

    We are sad that the OWPC hogs your computer. I want to see more posts!!!

  8. I hope that Nala recovers fast. Oh my... but it does sound like you caught it early.

    I loaded your post last night, and didn't comment until almost 24 hours later. Can I be a member??? I love the idea of the certificates to hand out to anyone who doesn't get a job done on time. LOL!