Friday, March 18, 2011

NALA is Home!

Nala is tired after her ordeal.  Tuesday when we went to the vet for shots and our annual check up, we took Nala along.  When the vet told us that Nala was heart worm positive again, and we had to leave her for treatment, we were very upset.  Nala took it all very well, until she went back to the kennel area by herself, then we heard her barking her "I am lost, come get me" bark.   At home when she can't find the rest of her pack she has a special bark to call us.   Because she can't hear and her sight is limited, she has her own way of getting "found" when she feels lonely.    We felt terrible to have to leave her behind, calling us. 

She arrived home around noon, still a little shaky and unsteady on her feet.    The vet tech told us that she had not eaten all of her breakfast.   If Nala did not eat her breakfast, she must have felt bad, she is a real "chow hound".   At home she had a hard time getting settled down on her favorite bed, she just could not find a comfortable way to lie.   She was still feeling pretty bad.  She finally went to sleep and slept soundly most of the afternoon.  By 6:00 when dinner was served, she was showing some energy again.   We think she will need another day or two to recover, and it probably will take a week or two before we see the real Nala.    Below, I am helping Nala relax by setting an example and hoarding her favorite bed. 
Luckily our human is busy procrastinating, it his special gift.   We did get him to take some photos and we will share so you will have something to look at over the week end.    Below you can see Mini cat checking out the front drive while Bella checks out Mini cat. 
While we are sharing photos, we just as well introduce you to some more of our resident zoo.   Below is Mushu, our long fin Koi.   She is spending the winter inside in the 65 gallon tank, soon she will go outside where she will have a warm summer vacation in the pond.   Mushi has several gold fish friends to keep her company till the outdoor pool warms up a little more.    Most of the fish spend the winter in the pond, but this tank full of fish were just recently re-homed and coming from warm water they could not go out just yet.  

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Poor girl - give her a hug from us?


  2. So glad to hear that NALA is home, we are sure once she gets back to the routine of rest and her own food she will feel much better.
    Mogley, we know that you will take good care of her.
    Love your fish, that would be so cool, we wish our Mom & Dad had a pond.

    Hamish & Sophie

  3. We are happy for Nala that she is home. It is very hard to be deaf and not see so good and then just get left at the vets (which could be anywhere if you can't hear). I bet tomorrow she will be back on the wakeup job and ready for breakfast!



  4. Please ask the bipeds to give extra hand ratios out to Nala on behalf of us. We are happy that she is home where she will recover best with her best friends. It even appears the cat is being nice to her.

    I hope she eats all her breakfast tomorrow and feels better very soon.

  5. We are sending energy and prayers for Nala--There really is no place like home to make you feel better and those who care about you to make you feel that way!! Let us know how she's doing!!

  6. Take good care of her and give her kisses for me!


  7. We are so glad Nala is home. We all have been through heart worm treatments. It was especially hard on our sister Lady, who was 10 by then -- that's when Mommie got her.

    We love your fish. Our fish are down at the swamp.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  8. Glad you are home, Nala. Kodiak, a veteran of the heartworm treatments, sends you his best recovery vibes.

  9. Hi Y'all,

    So glad Nala is home! Hope she's up to resuming her duties as the wake up alarm soon! Can't have everyone sleeping past breakfast time!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. Oh poor NALA...I am so glad she is home and feeling better. There truly is 'no place like home' even for our pets...bless her heart!

  11. We are sendin' out bestest comforts to NALA hoping that she is on the mend soon. Momma would like us to tell you that she thinks your fishies are so, so pretty an' wishes she had some of her furry owns.

  12. Oh Nala, we're so sorry - it's just not fair. Rest up sweet girl and soak up the love at Mogley's house...