Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Tradition

We celebrated the 4th of July in a traditional manner. We had a Golden Retriever Swimming Party. Our three cousins came by and we all jumped into the pool. Thomas Jefferson would be pleased if he knew that we were carrying on the tradition. Apple pie, motherhood and wet retrievers. That is what makes the 4th so special.

We knew that our new resident foster friend, Clyde, was fascinated by the swimming pool. He would lay on the edge of the pool and stare into it, then he would drop his ball into the pool. We expected him to fall in, but he was just playing a game. Below, Clyde in the front, learns to swim.
Today when my three cousins arrived to help us celebrate the 4th, we were swimming, chasing tennis balls and having a splashing good time. Suddenly Clyde was in the middle of us. He obviously had not swum before, when a dog first learns to swim they raise their front paws out of the water and splash a lot. After a few minutes they use their front feet to pull. In minutes Clyde was keeping up with us, swimming without a splash. The human was worried about Clyde, he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up on the patio. Clyde shook once, then jumped back in the pool. The human let him swim this time. The human thought it was cute, but it takes three towels to dry Clyde, he has a very heavy coat.

Above, Piper, I and Clyde push off after a tennis ball.

When a new Foster Golden arrives, it is fun to watch them evolve from scared and timid to full fledged members of the home. The books on Golden's talk about their similarities, saying they are alike. What is fun is learning the vast differences in each Golden. Clyde did not look like he would be a swimmer. He was a little stiff in the hind legs, he did not run well, he was overweight and obviously he had not been exercised in his prior home. Yet he instantly became a strong swimmer who did not want to leave the water. He had made an amazing discover about himself, he was a Golden Retriever after all. Another twist that Clyde brought with him is the great toy box caper. We have a large, old copper wash tub filled with dog toys. Clyde enjoyed digging in the tub and selecting his toys. Soon he started pulling them all out. The humans put them back in to clean the house. Clyde would have them out again in a flash. He can empty the toy tub in about five minutes.
Clyde is Clyde. We have had over 30 foster Golden's in our home. Each one had a very unique personality, some character traits that set them apart. If you want to adopt Clyde, be prepared to have a lot of toys. If you don't have a swimming pool, a wading pool will do, or a few trips to the lake. Once the swimming gene is activated, there is no turning it off!
Clyde could be keeping you company and entertaining him with his antics, just go to the rescue web site, read about Clyde and ask to meet him.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Clyde is cool! Some family is going to fall in love with him instantly!

    love & wags,

  2. Clyde is adorable and wet retrievers should be mandatory everyday!

  3. Hey Mogley,
    Y'all better hide that Clyde; our dad did something called a MapQuest from Bumpass to Denver and back. He thinks Clyde is a character and one fine looking mature red. He looks a lot like Homer J. only heavier.
    - TBH&K