Saturday, July 18, 2009

Looking for a Forever Home!

Below, I help Clyde (center) and Rusty Muffin (right rear) keep the squirrel up the apple tree.

Rusty Muffin and Clyde are still in the search for their new Forever Homes. As the head dog in the household, I always am concerned when too much time passes without finding homes for the foster dogs that stay with us. "Foster Failure" is what happens when the humans refuse to give up a foster dog for adoption. I have seen it happen too often so I try to help the process along. Clyde had some people interested in him, but it turns out they wanted a jogging companion. Clyde would love to jog, but he has a sore right rear knee and he does not do long distances.

We have seen a pattern emerging in the older rescue dogs we get as fosters. The human thinks it is caused by poor quality food, when a family gets desperate they buy cheaper food which in turn causes their older pet to lose mobility, which in turn leads them to abandon them. The older dogs all are movement impaired when they arrive. After several weeks of a better quality food, exercise, diet and supplements, they become much more active. When we picked up Clyde he had to be carried into the car. Now he runs and jumps very well. Glucosamine and a small Rimadyl tablet has given him back his mobility. Rusty Muffin had a hard time getting up once she was lying down, after getting the supplements she is now running with Bella and I, chasing squirrels and having fun.

Clyde would like a home where he can be the head "Fetch Dog". Clyde can fetch anything, sticks, balls, Frisbees, you name it, if you can throw it, Clyde can fetch it. Clyde can even fetch two tennis balls at once. He is not up to long jogging or running, but a walk in the park is fine with him. He will need a lot of toys, he is hard on them. He plays rough. He loves tummy scratches and ear rubs. Clyde does not bark much, he will not make your neighbors angry by barking at everything, but he will warn of an intruder or arriving guests in case your door bell is too quiet.

Below: Rusty Muffin is chasing a squirrel that came too close to the ground.

Rusty is seeking a home with a squirrel nearby. With better food and her glucosamine supplements, she is running with the best of them. Still, at 10 years of age, she will not be joining you on your triathlon training, but she will join you for walks and short jogs. She would like a toy or two, here when she tries to play with a toy Clyde takes it away from her. Rusty says she is the best cuddler and lover in the world. If you need a warm, soft, lady to snuggle with, Rusty is the lady for the job. She does not bark unless it is something worthy of mention, she will not keep the neighbors awake at night. When she was surrendered her old owners said she had thunder fear. She has been through three loud storms here and has been fine. In the first storm she was a little frightened until she saw that the three of us were ignoring it, then she laid down and slept through it and the storms that followed.
Below, Rusty Muffin knows that good camouflage helps when you are stalking the wily squirrel. Here she disguises herself as a pine tree.

Both Rusty and Clyde are cat safe, certified by the three resident felines. They are well housebroken and have good manners, your good carpet and silk pillows are safe with them. If you can help find homes for two needy friends, go to and fill out the adoption application. Mention Clyde or Rusty Muffin on the form and you will get to meet these two lovely Goldens.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Dear Mogley,
    You are SO smart! Everything you say about grown up Goldens, like Rusty and Clyde, is true.

    The love they will share with their furever families is wonderful, beyond words or even woofs!

    I know this because I am a grown up rescue Golden too.

    P.S. Grown up Goldens are understanding personal trainers too -- we love our walks. You won't have to worry about wrecking your knees jogging with us!

  2. Right on Mogley. We senior Goldens do need a little dietary help and perhaps some supplements. Jubal and Homer J. get Glucosamine with MSM tablets every day because they're older, Shiloh gets it also, but that's because she has OCD in her front shoulders. Homer and Sophie get those little pink allegy tablets spring, summer and fall, because they have bad allergies. They also get Dinovite which works wonders on relieving their itchness (Dad highly recommends it for allergic shedding and scratching). We're all very energetic and mobile. Sophie was a lump/blob when she weighed 147 lbs but now she can actually run and play, but that's not from supplements but it is because of dietary help, the D-I-E-T part of dietary being the factor in her now weighing only 76 lbs; a total weight loss of 71 lbs in 13.5 months. No reason not to try for a long healthy lifestyle.
    - TBH&K