Thursday, July 9, 2009

Help Wanted!

I received the following e-mail from our swimming friend, Evie. She and her brother and sister come over and swim with me, their family also fosters and places homeless Goldens:

Dear Mogley,

Your friend Evie here. Mom is upstairs sewing and left the computer room door open so I get a chance to write to you. We need your help. We have 2 foster friends here with us. Daisy and Duke. You can see pictures of them at Their family lost their home and had to move to an apartment. They felt it was best to let GRRR find them a new home with room to run and fetch the tennis ball. Daisy and Duke really want to stay together. That is where we need your help. A pair is always a little harder to place than a single dog so a bit of extra publicity might help. Below, Duke on the left, Daisy on the right.
Duke is sitting here with me, he is 7 and not a hint of gray on him. He has a dark red coat like me and mom says he has the perfect golden retriever head. He says that he would love a home with a soft bed, good food and of course lots of tennis balls and love. Duke isn't a needy dog but does like his ear scratches several times a day. He is perfectly house trained and is very well behaved. He loves to follow our dad everywhere.

Daisy on the other hand is 6 and a love muffin. She has the softest features and when she looks at you, your heart melts. She is a honey amber color and has lots and lots of curls. Daisy follows Duke everywhere. It took Daisy a little longer to come out of her shell. The first week here she was so sad, she really missed her family. Daisy also wants a soft bed and light food. She needs to trim down a bit and is working on it very hard here. She loves to roll in the grass with a tennis ball and find a cool shady spot to watch everyone else play fetch. She will chase the ball a couple of times but then she prefers the side lines to view the action. Daisy is also perfectly house trained and very obedient. She is still a little shy.

Daisy is perfect around the resident kitties and totally ignores them . Duke is a little more interested but does them no harm. He just has to be reminded occasionally that kitties do not play with dogs. One of our little friends, mom calls her practically a grand daughter, and her cousin came over for a couple of days last week. My goodness, Duke and Daisy were in 7th heaven. They love kids!! Both dogs broke out with big grins and velcroed themselves to the girls. They also were very gentle with the girls and played and played. Our little friend came over again yesterday for a few hours and both Daisy and Duke tried to crawl up in her lap. They are too big to be lap dogs so they settled for laying on the couch with their heads in her lap. They just lit up when she came in the door. I have included a picture for you. Duke is on the left and Daisy is on the right. Hopefully they can find a new forever home soon. They are ready and waiting. Mogley, thanks so much for your help. Sergeant and Sorsha send their regards and say we need to have another doggie swim party again soon.

Your Friend,


  1. Oh, how sweet, Duke and Daisy. We sure hope they get a home together.

  2. Heya Mogley,
    We hope that you and Evie are able to find daisy and Duke a TOGETHER furever home. It would be terrible to separate them. It is harder to place two together but not impossible. these are hard times and it's tough. Our mom's cousin has two Goldens and is trying to place them because she also had to sell their house and is moving into a small apartment with no pets allowed. We'll be praying for y'all.
    - The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties.

  3. Duke and Daisy, you are such delightful, beautiful dogs -- you will find your forever home very soon. Some very lucky family is out there, just around the corner. Great idea to get Mogley's help to spread the word about you two irresistible angels! Warmest wishes to you!

    Riley and River (and Rowdy, foster dog, adoption pending!)

  4. I wish we had room for more! Alas, the cat would never forgive us...