Monday, July 13, 2009

Good News!

I just opened my morning fan mail and found a note from Evie:

Hi Mogley,

Your friend Evie here with an update on Duke and Daisy for you. This really nice man came a few days ago to meet Duke and Daisy. He really liked both of them. Daisy snuggled right up to him and gave him her best love muffin snuggle. Duke was on his best behavior and he too made a good impression. The man said he would come back on Monday morning and he did. He brought his wife with him too. Duke sized up the situation right away and turned on his best love muffin routine and so did Daisy. They loved all over the man's wife. Duke even got it across that he likes tennis balls and found out that she plays tennis so there will be balls a plenty for him. Both Daisy and Duke looked really happy as they drove away. No one had to ask them twice to get up in the car. Daisy hopped up, will a little assistance, and immediately laid down on the soft cushion they had. Duke left with his favorite tennis ball and both were happy as clams. What Duke and Daisy don't know is that it is only going to get better. 2 of the grand daughters are visiting for several weeks and they will have kids to play with!! Daisy will be soooo happy!! She lights up around kids. Another happy ending thanks to GRRR and all the volunteers that help.

Your friend,

This is what makes rescue so rewarding. It is hard for me to share my house and my humans, but helping other lost Goldens find their way is a huge reward.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Another happy ending! Thanks!

  2. This type of post is always so good to read. We are so happy for Duke and Daisy! And for the couple who adopted them.

  3. Always pleased to hear about another new home.

  4. Yay!! That's the best part always -- the happy ending. We are so happy for Daisy and Duke.

    love & wags,

  5. Plus the fact that they got to go together!!

  6. Hey Mogley,
    Once again....YIPPEE!
    - TBH&K