Monday, July 13, 2009

A Fun Weekend

Below, a dry Rusty Muffin is followed by a very wet Molly. Rusty did not want to get wet, she says it takes too long for her to get her hair looking good after a swim. She wants to look her best if a possible new Forever Home comes to see her.

Below, I am in the lead, followed by Piper, Molly with Bella on shore.

Saturday and Sunday were fun days. Early Saturday I was tired of waiting for the human to open the pool so I pushed the little fence into the water and took a swim. They took the hint and opened the pool. Then later Saturday our three cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper, came by to go swimming. We had a good time.
Above, Clyde proves he is faster than the young dogs, he beat them to the ball several times. On shore he can not keep up, in the water he can show the young dogs how it is done. We think Clyde should have been named Dudley DoRight. He is always making sure that everything is being done in the right way. Balls have to be gathered together. Toys moved from one area of the room to the other. Other dogs have to behave, or he tells them to calm down. Clyde is a talker. He tries to speak words, but his enunciation leaves something to be desired. He still tries to speak and he gets his wants across.

Rusty Muffin did not go into the water. Apparently the evening when she fell into the pool was enough for her. She is content to just watch us splash and play. She is relaxing enough to start playing now. She plays a mean tug-o-war. She is not much of a toy hound, but she is starting to take an interest in some of the toys.
We have one person that wants to meet Clyde. He says he recently lost his Golden and needs a new best friend. He lives in the mountains with lots of room to roam with a stream nearby. Clyde says he is already having dreams about the mountains, we had to show him pictures so he would know what to expect.
So far no one has asked about Rusty. She says that her demands are few. She just wants a home where she can show a family what Golden Love is all about. She does not play fetch, she does not retrieve ducks. Her specialty is snuggling and with her long soft coat, she is terrific. When she puts her head under someones hand, they can not help but pet her when they feel her lush coat.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Here's some good wishes for both Clyde and Rusty. I hope they find good homes soon!

  2. Love the pictures, you all look to be having a grand old time Mogley! We are praying hard for Forever homes for your fur-riends!

    Benson and Gibson

  3. You are an inspiration, all of my dogs are rescue dogs and give the utmost love and friendship. I wish more people were like you!!!!!
    Thanks, lesa,

  4. Hoping Clyde gets a home in the mountains...with lots of toys and Rusty finds the perfect place to look beautiful soon. Clyde is such an elder, I love that old Gold.

  5. Hey Mogley,
    That looks like y'all had fun in the cement pond. The swimming is probably doing Clyde a lot of good exercise wise. RUSTIE (feminine) is also smart as well a beautiful. All Goldens are the same but all different.
    - TBH&K

  6. Hi there,

    I'm hoping to adopt a golden from the GRRR in the next month. I love reading this blog. Makes me feel really excited to have one of these wonderful dogs in my life in the near future.

    Thanks for posting, Mogley.