Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lady and the snow.

It snowed last night, this morning we all went out to play.  You can see that Lady likes to play in the snow.

The Bumpass Hounds left a comment on our blog about Lady.   They adopted a blind Golden named Radar, they left the following message for us:
"Our brudda Radar's lower jaw is set forward and his right lower canine is always outside his jowl. Mom says that his condition is called a malocclusion or something that sounds like that. He always looks like he's grinning or getting ready to spit."
Here is a photo of Lady with her "ever-grinning canine" tooth.   Now we have a name for it.  We think it gives her some special personality! 
She says that having a tooth out means she is always ready to grab a treat.   Go ahead, try me and see!

We are having such fun with Lady, she is a true sweetheart and she behaves delightfully in the house. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What a face! For having such a crummy life so far, her face certainly doesn't show it. Now Mogley and his family will make her better and show her what real love is!!

  2. We love Lady's cute snow face. Her snaggly tooth does add to her uniqueness. She has a great home and sounds like lots of love to help her be safe & happy.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  3. Constantly grinning is not a bad thing, it makes the world wonder what you are up to.
    And if you can grab treats quicker, all the better.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Oh sweet Lady! Love the snowy snooter! And, unique grin :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. I can only see the beautiful eyes!!

  6. It gives her character!


  7. She keeps getting more beaWOOtiful each time we are lukhky enough to see her!

    How KHOOL she likes the snow too!


  8. What a great snow face!

    Kiska has one canine tooth that points totally in the wrong direction giving her a goofy grin. We watch it carefully for signs of cutting her inside her mouth, but have had no problem thus far.

  9. I think her perpetual grin is very endearing. It show her sweetness with those beautiful eyes...
    Sophie's Mom

  10. I think it makes her unique and that much more beautiful! Glad she's settling in!

  11. Hey Mogley & Bella,
    Lady and Radar evidently both like the snow. Radar always looks like Lady's snow picture when he plays out in the snow because he snow plows with his face. Radar's canine that always sticks out is his lower right side canine; that's the opposite side from Lady's. We took some picture of Radar tooth and will stick them in our 2/24 blog post. Maybe you can send them to lady to look at. we tried showing Lady's picture to Radar but he just wasn't seeimg it.
    - TBH&K