Monday, February 22, 2010

What Writers Block looks like!

This is a photo of what a real writers block looks like.   I have heard that people sit at their keyboard and complain that they have "writers block" just because they can't think of something to say.  That is not writers block.   I have something to say, it is just that sometimes it is dangerous to say it, Mini Cat does not like to be disturbed when she is napping on a warm computer.  This is real writers block! 

Maybe you did not know how real and tangible writers block is.    If you have wondered why I don't blog daily, now you understand.   I have a lot to say on line, I just have to contend with a very bad case of writers block. 

Mini Cat is a real writers block.   She waits till I turn the computer on, then she takes her nap on the nice warm computer.  I have tried asking her politely to move, she reminds me that my nose is very tender.
Mini does not like snow days and nights.  She likes to spend her time outdoors, she uses our dog doors to come and go.   On these cold days, she gets bored and terrorizes the rest of the household with her sharp claws, then she takes her nap on a warm computer.  I hope it warms up soon so she will spend more time outside. 

You would think she would show me more respect, I am the reason she has a warm home and a full food dish.     One evening two years ago, I was watching the rain turn to sleet, then to snow outside the front sun room.  I heard this tiny meow coming from under one of the bushes in front of the door.   I started barking to let everyone know that something was outside.    The bi-ped came to the door, but did not see anything.   I kept barking, assuring him that something was there.    He stepped out into the cold and then he too heard the tiny voice of a very cold, wet and hungry kitten.  He picked up a kitten that was so weak and limp that he was not sure she would make it.  He brought her in and dried her off, then gave her some food.   She was so tiny that they just called her "Mini Cat".  Within days, Mini thought that the house was hers and we were interlopers.   No "thanks" from her!

Mini Cat causes writers block almost every time I try to write my blog.    Mini Cat is a black cat, she crosses my path hourly, if black cats do cause bad luck when they cross your path, I may be doomed. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, we're sorry you have writer's block. Maybe Mini needs some blogging time too. She might be jealous.

  2. Oh Mogley, cats are "different", aren't they?

  3. We are pretty sure that cats don't say thanks. We think it is a violation of the Cat Union.

  4. If only I were khloser, I'd khome help woo with THAT blokhk!