Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Angel's Story

When our foster sister arrived last evening, she was too upset to talk with us, but now Angel is ready to tell her story. She says it is a fairly common story, common that is if you are a rescue dog. Her first home could not deal with a high energy Golden/Doodle.   As she grew in size , she grew in energy, the response was to lock her outdoors for longer and longer times. A neighbor became concerned and finally suggested that Angel be surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). Angel only spent a short time at GRRR before being placed with a new home where she was chosen to be a play mate for a 1 1/2 year old Lab/Doodle. This lasted for a week and GRRR was asked to take her back.  Although this is seldom done, in this case the two dogs were fighting and the owner was fearful for their safety. A happy home for Angel became the most important consideration. GRRR did not rescue her from one bad situation only to place her in another bad situation.

Since arriving here Angel has proved herself to be a good citizen.  Angel has had plenty of chances to chase the cats, she has only walked over to sniff them. She is "cat curious", showing no signs of being cat aggressive. Mini Cat even relaxed in front of Angel, showing total trust. Angel has had no training, "sit" is the only command that she knows by heart. The next few days will be spent working on "come", "down", and leash training. She pays attention to commands and wants to respond, she just needs to practice. Bella and I will work with her to teach her what those unpredictable bi-peds want. We have already guided Angel in and out of the dog doors. 
Welcome Angel to the pack, we hope her stay will be short and that her next home is a extra special Forever Home, she deserves a very special home. Someone that will train her, give her lots of attention, and someone that jogs every day.   We would love to find her a home like the one Lady went to, seven acres of land to run, deer and bunnies to chase, several energetic buddies to stretch her legs with, but those homes are very rare.   Angel reminded me that she loves to cuddle and would love to find a home that needs a 70 pound lap dog. Help us find her a perfect home!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. You have had a great collection of lip curly smiley dogs lately. BOL!!! Momma always says a tired dog is a good dog and a dog who isn't tired has the wrong owners. Thanks for recognizing Angel was just in the wrong situation and not an unsocial girl.

  2. Dear Angel -

    Thanks for being ready to share your story -

    That same kind of thing khan happen to my breed - some don't realise we need to be kept akhtive/exercised/walked/more to stay out of 'trouble'

    I'm sure your furever furamily is getting ready as I paw this!

    Welkhome Again!


  3. awwwe Angel is cute! My puppymill rescue Maltese Blossom says "hi!" Blossom and I have owned each otehr for ay ear now. Blossom is awesome!

  4. I'm glad that you're working with Angel! She looks like an amazing puppy!

  5. Angel, thanks for sharing your story. Not all bi-peds are as clueless as your former ones. Sometimes, a girl just needs a run!

    Thank god there are people like your new bi-peds, Mogley and his family to help you find your TRUE forever home.

    Love the Elvis look!

  6. Sure sounds like those that have had Angel did not have a clue about a young energetic Dog.
    Mogley & Bella we are sure you will be able to send Angel down the path to a successful forever home.

    Hamish & Sophie

  7. She is so pretty! I'm so glad your bi-ped figured out what was wrong! Good luck on finding her a home!


  8. We think Angel will make someone a very special furiend. Your Mom was right. A tired dog is a good dog.They just gotta get some exercise. We wish a speedy and loving home is found for her.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  9. We came over to say hello after The Bumpass Hounds told us about Angel! We hope she finds a great forever home real soon!

    take care
    Clive, a goldendoodle in Ireland

  10. Angel - we look forward to the next chapter of your story where you find your forever home. Trust us - those are really cool to have.