Friday, February 26, 2010

Aspen's turn!

Aspen has been our guest for a week already.   Her stay here has been overshadowed with news about Angel and Lady.   As our regular readers know, when Aspen found her forever home her family had already made arrangements to help a medical mission to Guatamala.   We offered to provide Aspen with a warm home and a soft bed while they were gone. 

We received this message from Guatamala
Hello to Aspen and Bella and Mogley and her terrific bipeds,I am trying to adjust to writing on a spanish keyboard so excuse me. We have been very busy and we also felt two earthquakes today but they were what the Guatemalans call, ´tremblors´. We are fine but very busy and delighted to find out that Aspen has made her self at home. We hope she doesn´t get too commfy as we are looking forward to taking her back to our house when we return. Give an extra pat to Aspen from her bipeds. 
Above, Aspen is forced to roll in fresh snow while her family is enjoying the tropical warmth, but Aspen does not complain, she perseveres.  Aspen has been toughing it out here, waiting for a chance to return to her real home.  Aspen wants to assure you that she looks forward to going home.    She says that the Hand to Dog (HD) ratio is very low here.   With only four hands and four dogs, she is not getting as much attention as she is used to.   Also, she is not given treats in the kitchen when it's cooking time.   But it is fun to have friends to run and bark with and she enjoys lying in the warm morning sun in the front glass porch.   She can lay in the sun and pretend she is in a warm jungle!

By Mogley G. Retriever, on behalf of Aspen.


  1. Aspen is looking very happy to be out playing in the snow. I'm sure she will be overjoyed when her family gets to come home and will tell them about all the fun she had at your house :)

  2. Oh poor Aspen!

    Having to rough it like THAT!

    PeeEssWoo: Kind of like a blog pal that mentioned furiends of theirs moved from The Canary Islands to Merryland!

  3. I am sure that Aspen will be overjoyed to be reunited with her family!

    We wish her family a safe trip and speedy return!


  4. Wow, yeah, that is rough having to roll around in the snow. Poooooor Aspen! ;-) Good to see how healthy and happy she is!

    Riley, River, and Sunny Foster Dog

  5. Aspen, the look of contentment on your face as you roll in the snow is adorable. Hope your humans have a successful mission and come home soon :)

  6. Just a snowy vacation with friends, but always ready to go back to the forever home.