Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good news and Good news!

Above, Lady takes a tour of our back yard.

A few blogs back I mentioned that Aspen was coming to stay with us for several weeks.   Aspen was a foster here, she went to a very nice family, but the family had planned a trip for February and they were hesitant to take Aspen if she might have to be left alone in a kennel while they traveled.   We offered to keep Aspen so that she could have her perfect forever home immediately.  She arrived Friday afternoon, in the middle of a snow storm.    Her family will be in Guatemala on a volunteer aid project for two weeks.   Since I can't volunteer to go along and help, the best I can do is give Aspen a happy home so that her family can help without having to worry about leaving Aspen behind.   Arriving in a snow storm hurt a little, we tried to convince them that several Golden Retrievers would help the project a lot in the warm jungle.  Instead we were given large chew bones to keep us busy.   Aspen took up where she had left off several months ago.  She had left two stuffed toys with some stuffing left in them, she immediately went to the toy box and found them, then proceeded to finish the job she had started months ago.   She remembered everything, where the beds were, where the water dish was, where her feeding bowl was placed.   She settled in to await her family's return.

The other good news is that Lady has found her new forever home.    Bella and I even have a promise that we can visit her from time to time.   Lady has two nice goldens and one long haired miniature dachshund as new sisters.    She met them all in the back yard where she demonstrated how friendly she can be and how she can romp with the best of them.    The back yard is a large fenced area, but there are many acres beyond the fence to run in when she settles in.    They have to be careful because of the multitude of wild life, bunnies,  coyotes, deer and even mountain lions.    

Lady knows how to play an audience. She had her new family wrapped around her paws within moments.  She knew that she was in when she was allowed to climb up on the sofa and snuggle. Knowing she was not allowed on furniture at our home, the bi-ped says Lady stuck out her tongue at him when she settled down.

Her new family now has three Golden Retrievers, all three from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  Her family even fostered several puppies, so they know how to spoil a dog.
Aspen, Bella and I wish her well and we hope to see her again since she is close. 
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Wow, that was quick! Congratulations Lady, I hope that you continue to get better in your new loving home.

  2. Oh, that is wonderful news indeed! Way to go, Lady! ...and welcome back, Aspen!


  3. What lucky doggies! It's good to hear happy ending!

    *kissey face*

  4. Oh Boy !!! We are so happy for Lady, and we are so glad that Aspen is with you guys while the humans are on their trip.
    What a worthwhile trip they are on.
    Another success for you and GRRR.
    Way to Go !!!!

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  5. Yea Lady! And yea to her new family!!!

  6. What GReat news!

    This is my mom's turn to smile at a post about FUREVER homes!

    We really did need to see Lady expressing her opinion of the FURniture 'thing'!

    Thanks fur sharing Aspen's fun with woo too!


  7. Hooray for Lady - so very happy for her :)

  8. Hey Mogley & Bella,
    How perfect that Aspen gets to stay in a very familkiar surrounding with old friends while her family is away doing good deeds. That sure beats doing time in a kennel.
    We are very happy for Lady's good fortune. She deserves a loving furever home. Good thing that she picked up some pointers on showmanship from the master - YOU.
    - TBH&K

  9. Hello to Aspen and Bella and Mogley and her terrific bipeds,I am trying to adjust to writing on a spanish keyboard so excuse me. We have been very busy and we also felt two earthquakes today but they were what the Guatemalans call, ´<tremblors<´. We are fine but very busy and delighted to find out that Aspen has made her self at home. We hope she doesn´t get too commfy as we are looking forward to taking her back to our house when we return. Give an extra pat to Aspen from her bipeds.

  10. Lady hit the JACKPOT - nothin' better than a girl landin' with rescue people. Of course I am a bit bias on the subject.
    And for the record I though Lady's perma smile was very attractive and gave her kinda a Mona Lisa mystique.

  11. All kinds of good news. A FURever home is something all of us want - K-9 or human.

  12. That's great Lady. Congratulations.