Tuesday, August 10, 2010

World, meet Rosie and Emma

Below, Emma and Rosie get acquainted.   Emma just arrived at our home and Rosie was showing Emma around the back yard.   

Sometimes our blog feels like the proverbial ketchup  bottle.   Remember?    Shake and shake the ketchup bottle, first none'l come, then a lott'le.
Emma (left) and Rosie examine a tennis ball. The ball passed inspection although it was a little worn and faded, not up to their usual high standards.

The Aspen Colorado branch of the rescue sent word that they were coming to town and needed a foster to take back with them.    Since Aspen Colorado is the best possible duty station for a Golden, Rosie raised her paw and volunteered to sacrifice her soft bed at our home in exchange for a chance to be adopted in the high country.    Rosie even got on the Internet and started shopping for diamond studded collars.   This Friday, Rosie will go to the groomer to get a make over, then she will take a ride to Aspen where she can be adopted by "the beautiful people".   In the meantime, Rosie will put her profile up on the web site showing her availability to any Hollywood Star or Millionaire that is in need of some real and lasting love.    With her heavy coat and mellow disposition, she should be in big demand in Aspen Colorado. 
Then we ran across town to pick up Emma.   Emma is 18 months old, and just had her spay operation so she is still not feeling well.    Below, she shows her good looks and perfect body.  
Emma came to the rescue by a circular route.   Emma was listed for sale on the Internet.    When someone arrived to look at her they found that she was in an unusual situation.     Her family called her "it" because they did not really care for her.   They let her in the house for only short times, then back outside.   They said she was too much trouble.   Rescues do not normally buy dogs, first it is a bad precedent and second, it is a poor use of funds that are badly needed for medical care for the fosters in our system.    Someone decided that Emma needed to be taken out of there, right away.   They paid the ransom and brought her over to Golden Retriever Rescue.   We met her Sunday afternoon at Rescue Central, we played in the play yard for a time to make sure we all got along.   But she could not come home with us, she had to go to the vet's office to be spayed and to get a check up.   So we picked her up this afternoon.   She is still not feeling 100%, but from what we see, she is going to be with us only a short time.   She is energetic, but also calm in manner.   She pays attention to commands and she tries hard to please.    We think she is pretty special and she will get adopted quickly. 

Then we learned there is another young Golden lady that was sent to the vet today for her operation and check up, she needs a new home as well.   She was not feeling well enough to come with us today, but we will pick them up tomorrow so she can be added to the pack.  This lady does not have a name yet, but she will have a new name to start her new life with tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of "As the Rescue Turns". 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I can't wait! This is better than 'Dallas' and 'The Bold and The Beautiful' put together. I don't really watch soap operas on the teevess, so those are the only two I could think of :)

  2. Oh how we wish we lived khloser!

    We'd khome and hug woo!

    Of khourse, that is AFTER we did zoomies!

    Emma is so beaWOOtiful - she looks like she's some Afghan hiding in that GR outfit!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  3. Oh are they ever so beautiful. We are sending a special blessing to the human that "bought" Emma and brought her into the fold of GRRR. And Rosie is heading for the big time, how wonderful. Now an other newcomer. Boy oh boy, are you and Bella going to have fun after Emma and the new lady will feel better after there surgery.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  4. Hi Mogley
    GReetings to Rosie & Emma (hope you feel better today after the spay). How do you and your bi-peds do it - rescue after rescue - you truly are special people & doggies!

    Awaiting to see your next addition soon too!

    Neeli & Apples send extra wags to the girls.

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  5. Hooray for Rosie, we know she will find a wonderful forever home and get lots of love.
    Emma looks like a sweetie and as you said she will get a forever home very soon. It breaks our hearts to know how poorly she was treated but now that she is safe with you and will get a forever home, all is good.
    Can't wait for photos of your new guests and you next episode of "As The Rescue Turns.

    Tail Wags,

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  6. WHY do some people adopt these dogs only to put them outside? People are awful Mogley. Thank God there is you and your bipeds. I'm sure now everyone will have a wonderful forever home soon.

  7. I am so upset. What kind of person gets a Golden and names her "it"? There ought to be laws on who can share their life with a precious dog.