Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy & Sad for Rosie

Buddy Cat was very angry when he read the blog yesterday and saw all of the photos of Mini Cat.   He said he had not gotten his share of credit for helping the dogs learn to be cat friendly.   Above and below is Buddy in his patch of sunshine where he waits for Goldens that might need more training. 
We are both happy and sad for Rosie today.    Shortly we will take her across town to the spa, she will be getting a make over in preparation for her trip to Aspen, Colorado.     She is going to make the trip this evening with a foster family who will take her to Aspen to help her exercise and lose some weight, and see if we can find her a Forever Home with the rich and famous.   Rosie has spent the last several days shopping on line for new diamond studded collars.   She says she will charm the "Beautiful People".    We are happy for her to be going, but we are sad to be losing a good friend.   She has been a delight to have with us.   No bad habits, no demands, she is just an easy going, loving Golden Lady.

Good Luck Rosie, we know you will do great.    We hope more of our fosters can follow you up to Aspen and find forever homes.    We will have our paws crossed for you.

Meanwhile, back at the pack, Coraline(above) and Emma went to a busy office yesterday, part of their training to accustom them to new situations.   Emma passed the test well, Emma was quiet, loving and very loved by all of the humans.   Emma showed how a good Golden behaves in public.  Coraline licked her way to attention, jumping up and putting on a wild dog show.   Coraline said her motto is "let no hand go un-licked".  We expect more trips for Coraline before she is ready to go to a new home, she needs some calming influences.   Coraline says she is OK, it was just that the office we took her to was a political campaign office and she was just showing her enthusiasm for the candidate.   Coraline said it was easy to see that it was a dog friendly campaign, there was a large dog bed in one corner and a bowl of water in the entry.   Coraline is a great lady, she is still a 9 month old puppy and she tends to get over excited. 

Mogley G. Retriever    


  1. I think Coraline might really be a Siberian ;-)

    As fur Rosie, I wonder if she'll rekhall all those that got her to THAT lifestyle -

    As fur Buddy Khat: bukhk up Butterkhup!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  2. Hi Mogley,
    First we want to say Buddy cat is so handsome, and what beautiful coloring.
    We are happy for Rosie and we are sure she will grab someones heart and not let go, but boy that has to be very tough for you and your gang.
    Sounds as if Emma is one great mellow Golden, and we are sure Caroline will come around when she know what her boundries are.
    We just can't say it enough, how much we admire you for all you do, that affects so many and makes so many lives that much better.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. Good luck Ms Rosie - may your forever family come soon. Coraline & Emma - my Neeli would love to play with you!

    Have a GReat weekend Mogley & gang,
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  4. Jack has that motto too - except his is "no face left unlicked" and if you won't bend down, he'll come up to meet you!

  5. Buddy cat, you are so beautiful everybody will notice you. Thank you for helping train the new Goldens that show up at your house for a good forever home. We appreciate it.

    Rosie, we are happy for you. Seniors are so special, our sister Lady is one. A real delight.

    Mogley, just work with Caroline a little and she will be as perfect as Emma.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. We wish all of them forever homes!