Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coraline is her name!

Above and below, Coraline poses for her first official photo as a "Lady in Waiting". 

This morning we picked up our new foster, 9 month old Coraline at the vet's office.    Coraline was at the vet getting her spay operation and a good check up.  She was supposed to come home last night but she needed more recovery time so she spent the night under observation.  Now that she has recovered a little, she is running a little bit with the pack.    She is a voluntary surrender from a military couple who felt that keeping her in their base housing without a yard or room to run was not fair to her.    She is a small (50 pounds) active young lady.   She has not had much training, but she does have the basics down.   She will sit for treats, she would probably come when called if she ever left to begin with.   She has been the ultimate Velcro dog since she arrived.  She does not have a lot of familiarity of treats, she does not know what to do with them.   She is learning rapidly by watching the rest of us.   She is not very socialised, she does not play well with others yet.   It isn't that she does not want to play, she just does not know how to play yet.  It will take a day or two before she learns to play with the pack. 

Welcome Coraline to our happy home.    Our newest "Lady in Waiting", waiting for a new forever home!

We have a correction on Emma.   We said Emma was 18 months, she is now thought to be only 9 months, the same age as Coraline.    So far they are not playing together, but give them some time and they should become the best of friends.    Below, Emma is carrying her stuffed turtle. 

Our exciting news is that Emma has an appointment to meet the people from the Service Dog organization.   Emma looks like a good candidate to become a working lady.    She pays close attention to commands and she likes being worked with.  She likes playing with balls which means she can fixate on tasks.  She has a high level of energy, but she also has a calm demeanour.  So Emma is not up for adoption untill the Service Dog folks can spend some time with her.   In the meantime we will work with her and try to help her pass her tests. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Welcome Coraline, you have entered into a wonderful Golden family who will find you a forever home. Follow Mogley & Bella's lead and you will be fine.

    Such great news about Emma, their is nothing like a Golden Service Dog.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Welkhome Coraline!

    What a pawesome name -

    AND as diffikhult as it was fur her previous humans, it was an inkhredible thing to do!

    What a beaWOOtiful house of GiRls woo have!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  3. Welcome Coraline and congrats Emma!!

    Poor Coraline - it looks like her military family was busy with everything but her!!

  4. Wow, going from an "it" to a potential Service Dog!

  5. Welcome Coraline - and Emma, wow - maybe a service dog! Mogley, you really have some lovely ladies in your household!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  6. It's okay Coraline, I work with grown adults who haven't learned to play nice yet either. Mogley will show you the ropes and everything is going to be just fine. Once you experience love at a good home, it will just get better and better :)