Thursday, August 5, 2010

News Flash.... Extra, Extra, Read all about it !

Well, maybe we don't have that much news, but we do have news.   Last week end, our cousins, Emma, Molly, Piper and Foster Nala, came to stay with us.    They arrived on Friday and stayed through Sunday.   Three days of playing, romping, swimming, wrestling, digging, and driving the humans up the wall.    Bella, Hilary and I were in Dog Heaven.    The Pack of seven really had a fun three days.   Even the apple trees cooperated, a wind storm sent lots of green apples to the ground, we had all of the green apples we could eat, and all seven of us filled up on apples after every meal.  But then came Monday, what a let down.   No one to play with, nothing going on, no one to even dig with.

Then Tuesday morning they came back.   Their humans had a quick business trip so we were seven again.   But that did not last long,  later that afternoon there was an appointment at Rescue Central for Hilary and possibly Nala to meet a possible new family.    This was serious, Hilary was very excited.    The rest of the story is about her time before she arrived at our home.   She had been picked up, wandering with her best friend, Henry.   Due to conflicts, Hilary had to have an operation on a fatty tumor, Hilary and Henry were not kept together in foster homes.  When Hilary arrived here, she still missed her long time best friend, but we did not know about Henry yet.   A couple had read about Hilary and Henry on the web site, and they wanted to adopt two Golden Retrievers.    Tuesday afternoon Hilary and Nala went to rescue central to meet her old buddy, Henry, and a possible new home.    If the couple did not take Hilary and Henry, then the humans were going to bring them both back to stay with us.   Nala went along just in case they wanted her.

Only Nala returned.  Hilary sent her regards, she and Henry are together again in a new forever home.   She says her life is going to be wonderful, she is with her old friend again, and some very loving humans who understand how much it means to be with old friends. 

A special thanks to the couple that were willing to take two older Golden's into their home.   We think they did a wonderful thing when they reunited two lost friends by adopting them both.   Hilary and Henry looked so happy when they both jumped up into the back of a red van to go home together.   Now we will work on Nala's forever home.

Wednesday evening, the Magnificent Seven, which had become Six, became two.   Our cousins went home, taking Nala with them.   There is a hole in our home that needs a foster.   We have three beds that are not being used, we have food bowls that are empty at breakfast time.   There are still some things going on Friday, but over the weekend we will probably get a new foster.  So hurry with the new arrival, we need company again.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley;
    We just read your post and are so happy that Henry and Hillary are together again.
    We know Nala will get a forever home soon.
    You and your bipeds are just outstanding and we wish we could meet you in person to shake your paw and your bipeds hand.
    You are all truly GOLDEN....Thank you

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  2. It's so nice to hear about people who appreciate old friends! My mom is all about old beagles--they can be the best companions--the older dogs. Good luck to Nala. We know she will find a family soon.

    love & wags,

  3. HOORAY FOR HILLARY AND HENRY!! What wonderful humans!! Now for Nala!!

    Thank you for what you do Mogley!

  4. KhonGRats to H&H!

    As fur those empty beds, are they filled YET?


  5. That's a lot of puppies! If you get overwhelmed, send a couple out this way!

  6. Oh Mogley, How super about Henry and Hilary! I was the one who picked them up as strays and brought them to GRRR and it makes me so joyful that they have found their forever home together. Thank you so much for caring for Hilary during this transition time.
    Valerie and the Conifer Crew

  7. Glad to here that Hilary and Henry have been reunited :) Old friends are wonderful.


  8. That is the most wonderful story! Hilary and Henry are together again. We wish them both a very happy and long life. Thank you for all the caring, love and compassion.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

    PS:Valerie, that must make you feel good.

  9. GReat news about Henry & Hilary - how sweet that they'll be together again! Here's hoping that Miss Nala finds her forever home soon too.

    Nadine Apples & Neeli