Tuesday, October 19, 2010

News update

We have to take a break from posting our rescue stories from the past to post some stories that are going on now, stories that you won't want to miss and in which you can help.

First, visit http://lifeon3legs.wordpress.com/ and read about Courage.   Courage had a very bad accident, his leg was badly hurt and they have been trying to save it.   After giving it some time to heal, it looks like it is not going to get better.   Read about Courage and his battle to recover, it will do you good. 

The complete story on Courage is at this link:

Then visit our friends The BumPass Hounds, they have posted a real time story about Cooper.   When the Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue reveived him, he was almost starved to death, you won't believe how skinny he is.   He has several health problems and they are working now to save him.   Click on this link:

For continuing updates, watch the BumPass Hounds and Kittens for news.

Then visit Golden Luke at http://goldenboyluke.blogspot.com/ , Luke needs all the support we can give.  His exploratory surgery revealed a bad cancer, he is undergoing treatment, but he needs some words of encouragement for himself and his humans.

These are rescues and friends that need help now, go visit them and give them your kind words.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We've been khrossing fur all of them -

    Thanks fur sharing them here too!


  2. Mogley,
    Our Mom & Dad are familiar with each of these and we are so glad you have put this information in your Blog.
    Way To Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie and their
    Mom & Dad
    Sheila & Bob

  3. Thanks for sharing - and we are already on the Luke case - paws have been crossed.

  4. Oh man, sad stories. We'll go see if we can help.

  5. We have been visit Courage