Sunday, October 31, 2010

A never ending story, Shelby and Lexus

Above, Lexus, a beautiful 2 year old blond Golden.
Below, Shelby, a striking dark red 4 year old Golden lady.
If you will remember, we started some time ago to tell the stories of our fosters.  Each one is a story, each one is a small step in a journey.   The story goes on, we welcome Shelby and Lexus to our pack. 

Lexus is one of the Texas orphans that made the long trip from Texas.  On her arrival, she immediately proved that she is 2 years old and she had been cooped up for a long time during her trip.    She started running in big circles in the back yard until everyone was running with her, chasing and playing, enjoying being a dog with lots of energy.   Within an hour, she was asleep.   The rest of the evening she changed position from time to time, but she was more interested in sleeping once her legs were stretched.   She would love to be someones lap dog, she is small and would hardly even be noticed if you had her on your lap.  She obeys her basic commands, she sat well for treat time shortly after arriving, it was like she had always been part of our pack.    She is still wearing her yellow bandanna with her name printed on it, it was how they were identified in transit.  Lexus found the toy box in just a few minutes, she has taken over several toys and is sleeping tonight with a stuffed pheasant under her chin.   Sleep tight, Lexus, you have earned a long rest.

Shelby is from a local surrender, she is a beautiful dark red lady.    Four years old, she has demonstrated good training and obedience, with a few exceptions.   When Lexus took off in big circles around the back yard, Shelby made one lap, but on the second lap she took a detour.   The tall ones were telling Shelby and Lexus "no" when they went near the cover on the swimming pool, but they were slow about saying "no" when Shelby passed the Koi pond.   Splash!   Shelby was in the Koi pond without slowing down.   She looked so startled that it was funny, no one had time to get angry with her.   They just grabbed her collar and pulled her out, then grabbed a towel and dried her off.  It was a warm evening so it was not cold for her, but the Koi looked scared to death.  Luckily it was clean water, the Koi pond had just gotten rebuilt, enlarged and refilled,  more about the koi pond at a later date.     Once she was dry, she showed us her good manners by sitting for treat time.   All five of us were behaving as if we had always lived together, sitting and waiting for our evening treats.    Shelby is a ball hound, she loves her tennis balls, she carried one until she passed another one, then she traded.   She found the toy box, but balls were her thing.   She is a sweet heart, someone had to have cried when they had to let her go.    Shelby is sleeping on the good couch, that is not allowed, but tonight she has a pass, she is tired and she has had a hard day. 
We expect both Lexus and Shelby to be adopted shortly, they are both such fine ladies that they will have no trouble finding a new home.   We will write more about them when we get to know them better and when their stories catch up to them.     

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. They look like two GReat GiRls!

    Thanks again fur letting them bunk with woo until they khan choose their furever folks!


  2. Such sweet girls! Good luck finding their forever homes!


  3. So nice to meet you two new temporary family members


  4. They both look very happy and comfortable where they are. Glad they have a warm & loving home to rest their heads.,

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. I hope they all live happily ever after!!

  6. Thank you Mogley, Bella and Nala for sharing your home with a Texas refugee and a local Golden till they get their forever home. And many thanks to the tall ones for putting all this effort and time in a worthwhile project.

    Thank you for the pictures and story.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  7. Good luck Shelby & Lexus - you're in GReat hands with Mogley & family

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples

  8. Mogley and Co,.
    These 2 are such sweeties...thanks for lending them a paw!

  9. Oh, such sweet girls. I hope they find bipeds soon.