Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Morning news

Above, I am exploring the Koi pond in my first summer, shortly after I was adopted.

 About a month ago the annual Golden Retriever Nationals were held in Greeley, just a few miles North of Denver.    We did not go, although we were invited.   Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) had a good turn out when they held the Rescue Parade.   Among things that deserve reporting, rescues from different parts of the country met and agreed to help each other.  

Late last night, GRRR sent out a notice that they have received their first request for assistance.  One out of state rescue is filled with older homeless dogs, and they are running out of room to help the younger ones.   Because senior dogs are slow to adopt out, they do stay longer in foster homes, which keeps younger dogs from finding homes.  

This Saturday night (tonight) the transport wagon will roll in from Texas with about 12 Goldens.   A call went out for volunteers who could meet the orphans about midnight tonight, and take some weary and homeless dogs home.   When Bella and Nala heard about the need, we agreed to share our warm home with someone.   So it will be a late night tonight, and probably a little hectic as we bring a new face home after a two day drive from Texas. 

Some of the stories are truly heart breaking.   One 3 1/2 year old Golden lady is dying of cancer and needs to spend her last months or days in a loving home.    She was in an apartment where she was not getting the attention she deserves in her last days.   Another couple at 9 & 11 years old have had only each other as friends during a divorce, they were banned to the back yard, food and water was hit and miss during this time.  They just want a home where someone will pet them and care about them, they are attention starved.   One 11 year old lady lost her family to cancer and she is now seeking a home that will take in a very loved and well behaved lady that just needs a chance to start over.   One senior lady is recovering from a very vicious attack by neighbor dogs.   She is recovering well, but has a fear of other dogs and will need to learn trust of other dogs again.    So many dogs, so few homes. 

Since GRRR still has the normal flow of rescues coming in, these additional dogs will test our volunteers and our network to see if we can step up and help at a critical time.   Great dogs such as Moose, see the photo in our Halloween party post, still needs a foster home.  We also need donations, if you can help us help these homeless dogs, please go to this link to donate to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.    Donate Here!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley,
    Thank God for Golden's like you, Nala & Bella and your wonderful human family.
    Words cannot express the wonderful thing you and other fosters are doing.
    Thank You,

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  2. Khousins Merdie and Harley are wagging their GOLDEN tails fur woo and your GReat furamily!

    This kind of khrap makes us sad BUT your kindness makes us smile again -

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  3. This is the second rescue we have heard of that needs help. We will gladly spread the word, and see what we can do from our end. Thank you for being there to help these old souls.


  4. Your kindness warms my heart...
    ~K and the Pups

  5. We will certainly do our part to help, even though we are many miles away. BTW, Mom got a survey from GRRR asking some questions, and she made sure to point out what a wonderful job you are doing about spreading the rescue word, and the work of GRRR in particular!!!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  6. Oh Mogley, just the thought of 12 homeless Goldens, not to mention their sad stories is heart breaking :(

  7. A few years ago when the GRR National was in Gettysburg, (about an hour from me) I organized the Rescue parade--It was a wonderful event and one of the highlights of my being president of the rescue--Such great stories with wonderful endings, as I know these that you'll meet this weekend will have too!! Please let us know how it goes!! (I would open our house to one if I lived closer!)

  8. Mogley, we are too far away to take in a senior foster. Lady, our sister now 12 years old, is very disappointed and convinced mommie to send in some help with the transport. Not much, mind you, she has her hands full with the four of us.

    All our gratitude to the chauffeur and the housekeeper.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  9. Such sad stories, but with kind people like yourself, they all seem to have a happy ending.

  10. How great that GRRR is able to take in dogs that are so hard to place. I am sure your new foster will appreciate all the love they will receive


  11. Such sad stories. I hope you find enough foster families!

  12. Hi Mogley
    Here's hoping you find good foster & then forever homes for these wonderful goldens.

    God bless,
    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples