Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dead ducks and Cat lessons

What can be more fun than a "Duck-o-War"?   Here we see Lexi and I having a good time with a dead duck.   We are showing how vicious and feared Golden Retrievers are when we are hunting in a pack.   That duck never had a chance, we ripped it good.
Here Lexi relaxes with her dead duck, celebrating her graduation from Duck Hunting school.    She is now a Duck Hunter, First Class.    Below, she takes her kill to her den where she devours it.

In a prior blog we said that Shelby was somewhat quiet and reserved, preferring to take a nap instead of running in the back yard.   Shelby finally came clean, she said she was still upset over losing her home and her family.   Tuesday she came out of her funk, she started running and playing with us.   When Lexi runs her big circles in the yard, Shelby is right with her now.  Her energy is back and her positive outlook is back.   She is even joining in our wrestling matches and tug-o-war games.    Below is a happy Shelby with new energy.

Mini cat has completed teaching her classes on "How to Respect a Cat". As you can see, Mini holds lessons in the family room, she parades around the dogs until they learn to ignore her. Here she is teaching Lexi and Shelby how to respect a cat.  Both Lexi and Shelby now have their "Good Cat Companion" certificate, they both have let Mini cat walk around them without chasing or even getting too curious.   Having a certificate from a cat helps them get adopted.   Many homes have cats, why we don't know, but being cat friendly helps orphans find new homes.    We get many new homes because we can tell families that their cats will be safe with our graduates. 

This morning Shelby and Lexi took a ride to the vet.   Our cousin had to to drive to Craig, Colorado on business, so they gave Shelby and Lexi a lift over to the west side of Denver to see the vet for their check up.   They already have an appointment to meet a prospective new home on Saturday, but they need their health release first.   We will pick them up from the vet later today when they are done.  

This morning we thought about hiding Lexi and Shelby so that we could keep them longer.   But they do need to move on to their forever lives.    They will make some families very happy, they are great companions and friends. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I still don't understand how you can give them up Mogley, but I do understand that you're just the mediator to the perfect home for them!!

    Good luck Saturday!!

  2. Love the "How to Respect a cat" photos. It really seems that you have a great system going.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. I love what you guys do and love that you share your rescue dogs' stories with us so laugh and cry with you! I can't get over how much Lexi looks like my 2-year-old Golden boy, Eclipse! She's a great looking girl, but of course that's my unbiased opinion!

  4. That is so cute. I can't get enough of watching dogs play together.

    We actually bought the exact same duck for our dog. I think it lasted about as long as this one. I even took photos of its poor dismembered body. :-P

  5. Ahhhhhhh!

    It must be so khool to see your guests FINALLY relax and be the Goldens they should be!


  6. So glad to hear that Shelby has started to show her true colors


  7. Good luck on the new families! We are also glad to hear that Shelby is coming out of her "shell".


  8. We think it is pretty cool how you provide cat etiquette classes so your guests know how to behave around cats in their new homes! (Our Cat Teacher crossed The Bridge about 9 months ago, but we still have a healthy respect for all creatures feline... He packed a mean right hook! Heehee!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  9. I love to know that the Shelby is gainin her confidence back!!!

    When I came into GRRH, they gave me a cat scan... and I failed miserably. I sometimes wish I had someone like you to help me wif my extreme interest... but then I remember that I was returned on a count of it. It was then that I met my the real and Forever Mom.

    All that said... Fank you for all the wonderful fings you are doin for all these wonderful Goldens. You are just awesome!

    wif love from the Luke

  10. They are both beautiful Goldens. I wish happy forever home hunting to both of them!

    Great duck destruction too - you make us duck hunters proud!

    Wags N Kisses,

  11. You all look like you're having so much fun! Tug-o-duck looks like a great game to play.

    Good luck to Shelby & Lexus at the vet's office & in finding new forever homes.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  12. Oh! These furpals seem fantastic! Wish we were closer and had a bigger yard..... The duckie and cat lessons are great! We know they will make their forever homes even that much more wonderful :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  13. So happy to hear that Shelby is done mourning and embracing her new life. Nothing like time with Mogley's family to cheer a girl up!