Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friends and Family Dogs

Above, Lexi, Nala and Shelby, our three perfect fosters.

Every so often a very special dog arrives at our foster home.   A dog that is so wonderful that they immediately start calling friends and family to see if anyone needs a dog.   These "Friends and Family dogs" are dogs so nice that you want to keep them in the family, dogs so nice that they delay putting them up on the web site as "available for adoption".   Below, Shelby checking out the toy supply.
Meet Shelby,  Lexi, and of course, Nala.   Different dogs, but absolute darlings to have in the home.  If anyone needs the perfect dog for their home, they need to get on the web site and fill out an application to adopt.   Don't go to the web site to find them yet, they are not up yet,  they will probably get adopted before they even get on the web site.  It is always "first come, first served" when it comes to adopting, so if you want one of these ladies, you will need to hurry.   Below, Lexi shows her perfect form.

The first evening she was here, Shelby tried to chase Mini cat, but this morning they have become friends.   Mini cat and Shelby were nose to nose this morning and Mini cat won the stare down.   Last night Buddy cat and Shelby slept within a few feet of each other, Shelby on the floor and Buddy on the corner of the bed.   Meanwhile, Lexi just ignores both cats.   Mini and Buddy are ready to award Shelby a "Good Cat Companion" certificate.    Lexi already has hers, signed by Mini and Buddy cats.   Shelby has proved that she is cat friendly, not just when someone is watching.   Buddy cat just sits and lets dogs make fools of themselves, Buddy never runs and never gets involved in dog play, but he will swat pretty hard when someone comes too close.   Mini Cat, on the other hand, likes to run and tease dogs, so she is the ultimate tester of a dogs behaviour.  
Shelby has lived around dog doors before, she took to the dog door immediately.   Lexi has not seen dog doors before, but she is learning fast.   Shelby still likes balls best, Lexi likes stuffed toys and squeaky toys.   Shelby likes to rest, she prefers to call it "conserving energy".  Lexi just likes to play.  She takes pull toys and tries to get us into a tug-o-war or a game of chase.    Shelby is an indoor dog, Lexi likes to run and loves the back yard.  If you open the back door, Lexi dashes out to run and play, Shelby looks at you and asks "What, you want me to go outside?"   "Didn't we do this just a few hours ago?"  Then she goes back to finish her nap. 
Wish Shelby and Lexi good luck as they are about to begin their search for a new Forever Home.  These ladies will make some families very happy.   They are so well mannered and so pretty.   They will not last long once people know they are available.   Meanwhile we have to assess their behaviour and manners, then do a write up on them and their characteristics for the web site.  Stay tuned for developments.   

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What special special GiRls!!!

    Woo are so khorrekht: they won't last long!

    Khousin Harley was intrigued by Butterskhotch and BroFur but I'm not sure he knew khwite what to make of them!


  2. Hi Mogley
    What beautiful doggies Shelyby Lexus & Nala are! Here's hoping they find their new homes soon.
    Neeli would be willing to play with the balls & squeaky toys too - they're her favorites

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  3. Oh, I hope they find forever homes soon! They're beautiful!!

  4. They are all beautiful and we are sure you are correct that a forever home will be theirs very soon.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. What beauties! And, seem so well mannered in the opposite way of each other. We know they will find homes soon...so enjoy!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. Best of luck to all of them. I hope they find a wonderful family to love!

  7. Hi Y'all,
    What wonderful Bio's you wrote, Mogley!
    That is a beautiful bio of those lovely Golden ladies! I hope they more close to you so we will see them often after they find their furever home.
    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. They sound like special girls who will be snapped up fast!


  9. What beautiful girls they are! Stella likes long naps too, and squeaky toys to sleep and play with but she never, ever chews them up. We have what seems like millions of them!

    Cheers to your girls for happy homes and loving families!