Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stella, again

We have very sad news for our readers.   Last night Stella came back home.  If you remember, Stella found her new forever home on October 1, it was a perfect home for her, but alas, it did not last.    Stella wanted to be the alpha lady and she repeatedly attacked her new sister, Holly, instead of making friends.  After several visits to the vet resulting in stitches and large plastic collars, as well as some cleaning up of blood after a battle, the rescue decided it would be better for all if Stella came back to start all over again.    We had a very sad meeting with her family, they had tried everything we could suggest, they had even gone to a dog behaviourist, trying to find an answer to Stella's on and off aggression towards Holly.  Holly and Stella would play like good friends, then Stella would turn on her.    Finally after several very bad incidents, for Holly's protection and Stella's long term peace, we took her back.   Her family was devastated, they had fallen in love with her and they had made such an effort to keep her, not to mention vet bills.  Keeping her in her crate for extended periods was not a solution to the problem.  We thank them for the effort they made and the extra lengths they went to in trying to keep Stella.  Below is a photo of Stella and Holly in a more peaceful time. 
We don't have an answer to why Stella did not want to share her new home with Holly.  When Stella was here we had noticed that when Stella played too hard for too long, she would get cranky and there would be a tussle, but no blood was drawn.  We decided that she was playing until she hurt, then she would lash out.   It always was minor and always during a wild play time.  Also, there was never a time that Stella was with only one or two other dogs.   During the time Stella was with us we always had from 4 to 8 Goldens.   We watched her and when her play started to escalate, we would give Stella a time out.   Stella's hips are very weak and her dysplasia is extreme, but her pain is not slowing her up, unless she overdoes her activity, which is how she plays, overdoing it.  Stella is easy to spot in most photos, she is the blurr.  Below, Stella, middle rear, with 7 other Goldens, waiting for their treat.  
Whoever said "You can't go home again", was not thinking of Stella.   She arrived last night, took one look around and headed out the dog door to look for squirrels.  She acted like she had never left.  This morning she is in full squirrel patrol mode.  She is playing with me as well as Lexi and Shelby.  Currently we are six Goldens, a well structured pack.   Bella is definitely in charge, with me as second in command.   Perhaps the strong leadership of our pack will help Stella find her place.   Before Stella came to rescue, she was an only dog.  We will be watching her closely and looking for answers to a very urgent problem.   To find Stella a forever home, she has to be willing to share, and not just in a large pack.    Below, Stella on squirrel patrol.
Any one have some thoughts to share?

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh, poor Stella. It does sound like her once-forever home did try really hard. I guess Stella just wants to be an "only" and not share the lovin'. I'm sure another home will be there for a good girl like her. Pain is an awful thing.

  2. oh Stella...I know its hard to share, but its so much more FUN! I sure hope you find a forever home soon!

    come check out my bloggie...there's an award for you!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. So sad, especially that her new forever home really tried to work out the problem. I guess sometimes their is no answer. It is unusual that she gets along with all of you w/o a problem, but maybe in the overall scheme of things she would rather be the only dog in the family.
    We know that you will do your best for her and help her try to fit into the mainstream of a family which we are sure is out there.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. I know the feelings you are having as you've picked a perfect home and family, but found that it's just not a perfect one for Stella. But it's so nice that you're been able to welcome her back. As you know, we've been fostering Goldens for about 10 years now--In that time the girls have been the ones that have given me the most 'trouble.' Even in our own home, if there are going to be issues, it's the girls that start it, never our boys...But I won't claim to know what the answer is for Stella, but since you asked for our thoughts I'll suggest what you of course have no doubt thought of and that's to consider a family with either no other dog, or an easy going non-dominant male about the same age instead of a female--While I wouldn't trade 'my girls' for anything, I do so love the easy going-goofy-Golden boys that don't mind or care who the boss is and just want to hang out! :-)

    Let us know how the search goes in finding the perfect home for Stella!!

  5. We are sorry fur Stella - and fur the furamily that had hoped to inkhlude her furever BUT sometimes things aren't meant to be -

    We know she'll be mentored by your Golden wisdom!

    Paws khrossed fur her furamily to emerge soon!


  6. What if she was the only dog at her new home? How would that work out?

  7. Oh Stella. Was it because you missed Mogley? We're so sorry it didn't work out :(

  8. Oh Stella! And, she seems right at home with you all. :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. So sorry to hear that it didn't work out for Stella. Welcome back to the Mogley pack.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  10. I think JackDaddy may have the solution!
    Please keep us posted.

  11. Poor Stella but it sounds like the best decision was made for her


  12. Your question Mogley is if we have any thoughts to share on subject Stella. Yes we do, Stella wants to be an only child. Being part of a pack is fun, but having to take second place in a family is demeaning to a two legged child or four legged child that is used to be the one and only. Mommie agrees with us.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  13. What a heartbreaker! Does she need to be in a house by herself? This seems so very un-golden like!


  14. It sounds to me like Stella is still looking for her perfect place in this world. I am sure you will find the right home and family for her!

    Wags N Kisses,

  15. When Stella squabbles, is it always with another female? That is often true within Siberian Huskies that the females are the ones that squabble the most. With Bella as a strong leader, Stella may feel no need to challenge and is quite comfortable in a more subordinate role.

    Wonder how she would do in a two dog pack where the other dog is male?