Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Holiday wish

Stella and Bella asked me to help them with Those Who Are Paw Challenged (TWAPW).   Now that there is snow on the ground, the back yard is wet and a little muddy near the dog door, we keep getting yelled at when we run in and out to chase the squirrels.   Apparently a little mud on the paws is considered a bad thing in some circles.  

The solution is so simple we should have done it a long time ago.    Mini Cat caught a mouse last night and brought it in the house to play with.   She had a good time with the mouse in the living room, chasing it under the couch and around the table.   If the cat can bring in a mouse to play with, whey can't we have a squirrel in the house?    That would solve the problem of us having to run out the door to chase the squirrel when we see him come down the apple trees, then we get yelled at when we come back in the house with our muddy feet.    We can just have a house squirrel, then we can chase it inside.  That is our Holiday wish, all we want for Christmas is an indoor squirrel, a very fast indoor squirrel I might add. 

We seem to be having some difficulty selling the idea to the ones who are paw challenged.  They don't have any imagination.   Do they want us to have clean paws or don't they?  Besides, a squirrel inside would make us the most envied dogs in the neighborhood. 

Meanwhile, we have had to make some adjustment in our living arrangements to help Nala.   Nala is  deaf, and has bad cataracts, she has difficulty seeing in bright light, she has extreme difficulty seeing in low light.    Nala likes to sleep in the entry, where she can keep watch all night in case burglars should come in the door.   If the outdoor light ,which is on a motion sensor goes dark, then she gets upset, she can't see out anymore and she barks.   If she wakes up in the middle of the night and it is dark inside the house, she can't find anyone so she barks until she can find us.  After having to get up several times a night for a long time just to show Nala where we were all sleeping, we finally found the answer.  Now we sleep with a light on in the hall way so she can find us in the night, and we have to keep the outdoor light on all night so she can see the driveway.   We also have a night light in the garage so she can go out the dog door, through the garage and then out to the back yard.   Street lights keep the side yard pretty well lite, so she does fine outside in the dark.

Nala does not like to sleep on a dog bed, she likes to sleep just inside the entry door on a hard carpet, with no padding under it.  We have put down another layer of pad and carpet to give her some padding to sleep on.    It has helped everyone, Bella, Stella and I can sleep in the entry way in comfort now as well.  We are enticing Nala to sleep in the bedroom with the rest of us, she is getting used to being an inside dog after a life of sleeping in the snow.  When you get as old as Nala is, she has earned a little comfort. 

We were asked about Buddy Boy who was adopted on Saturday.   We did not spend any time with him, so we would like his fosters and adopters to write us and we will post his information as a guest blog.    They are Serial Adopters, by the way, having adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue several times.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Poor Nala! It must be hard getting adjusted when you can't see very well...especially if you can't hear! You are very nice to make all the accommodations for her so she can learn to live the good life!

    I will talk to Santa and see if there is an indoor squirrel available. I hear they are messy and you're really not supposed to have any furniture when you have an indoor one. It gets in the way.

    I hope your bipeds reconsider having an indoor mouse!

  2. Hi Mogley
    Neeli writing here: what an awesome idea - a squirrel in the house! Actually, I'd like a rabbbit (like the one I chased this morning). Those humans just don't understand us goldens - we need some fun too. And yeah, muddy paws are part of being a fun loving doggie! Here's hoping you get your wish (and me too)!

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  3. Sigh, Sam brought a live rabbit in the house once. Not only was it a scream (literally...) but we found rabbit marbles everywhere for weeks after...


  4. Mogley;
    You just crack us up, a indoor house (very fast) squirrel. But you have a good point, if the cats can have their mice............
    Yes the muddy season now starts, our Mom & Dad have something they call the "Paw Plunger", it's like a big coffee mug that they put our feet into when we come in with mus on them. Kinda feels good and our tootsies come out clean. But in your household with so many feet, it might be a monumental job.
    You guys are so wonderful for giving Nala what she needs to see and move about.
    We also just wanted to take a moment to Salute all of the Veterans in the U.S.A and to thank them for their service on this Veterans day.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  5. Hi Y'all!
    Sorry, can't help you, Stella and Bella with the squirrel thingy...I'm not allowed to chase things, but trained to lay quietly and watch. Chasing in my world could end me up dead...
    The solution to muddy feet is to close the dog door and a Human would wipe everyones feet when y'all come inside. My Human Momma uses baby wipes on my feet. I know, too many feet and giving up your freedom...okay, okay.
    but now to Nala...
    My Humans found a super rubber mat for chefs in Sams Club. Over top they put a thick bath rug. (It's lots more cushy than the rubber mat they did have under a scatter rug.) I showed them I preferred it to my regular mattress and they put one in my night spot. I spent the entire night there without gettin' up once.
    Good luck y'all,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. Nala, this is Lady speaking, senior of the Baumgaertner wild horde. I am just about in the same shape like you, but I do sleep in the bedroom at a spot where I can see the nigh light down in the kitchen. And outside the dog door mommie put 2 solar lights on the deck steps so I can go out even in the dark.

    I wish you the very best, because I got a forever home for good. No more passing me around -- mommie said so.


  7. Woo Goldens always have the GReatest ideas!


  8. Its so nice to hear your ideas for Nala's comfort. She is used to being busy and wants to continue, and with your help she can.

    An indoor (fast) house squirrel? My Mom would have a fit!


  9. um I don't think the parents would appreciate a squirrel in the house!


  10. I think you've come up with a very reasonable solution. I know how hard it is when you're sleepy and someone is barking!

  11. Indoor squirrels and doorway sleeping - what could the humans possibly not like?

  12. The indoor squirrel sounds like the PERFECT solutions. Bipeds are so difficult to understand sometimes. How can they not agree? What about equal rights for kitties and doggies?

    We are glad you found a solution for Nala. The Mogley B & B will go to the ends of the earth to provide comfort for their guests. It's awesome :)

  13. We had a lop-earred bunny for 10 years and were never allowed to chase her!
    Hope the squirrel deal works out for you!
    Our star-gazer will be heading home next week.
    Happy Weekend!