Sunday, November 7, 2010

Forever Homes for Three!

Above,  Stella (on the bed) with Lexi and Shelby, relaxing after a hard day of playing, getting ready for a busy Saturday and new homes for Lexi and Shelby. 

Saturday morning we took Shelby and Lexi over for appointments with prospective new homes.    We were very successful But we did not doubt it from the start.   Shelby and Lexi did not even make it on the web page before they were gone.  They both were meant for the homes they found.   But first we met a couple that was there to meet with Buddy.    They took Shelby for a walk while they waited for Buddy to arrive, we were afraid that they would fall for Shelby.  Just then Buddy arrived, they took Buddy for a walk and came back and announced that they would take Buddy home.  

The first family arrived to meet with Lexi.  First Lexi had to show them how well she could walk on a leash, she passed that test.  Then she had to prove that she could play nicely with the resident Shitzu.   Lexi passed that test as well.   Meanwhile, she was demonstrating her charm and her ability to love unconditionally.  Lexi won, she got to go home with a new family where she would get lots of love and attention.    They promised her frequent walks, lost of attention and a happy life.    She even gets to sleep on the furniture.  Yeah, Lexi!

Then the second appointment arrived.   Four children and two adults came out of the SUV.   Shelby took notice, here was a family made in heaven for her.   Lots of active people to throw balls and go on walks and jogs with.  She was going to be an only dog, with 12 hands to pet her, six people to heap attention on her, and it was all hers.   Way to go, Shelby. 

One day with three new lives starting over.    Below, Stella is rolling on her back by the toy box, with Shelby and Lexi forced to sleep on the floor. 
Back home, we had a talk with Stella about her problems.  We reminded her that she too could be in a loving home like that.    She would have to quit fighting and quarreling, she would have to learn to be a nice, gentle lady.   Stella replied that she was quite happy the way she was, she has squirrels to chase, a dog door that gives her some freedom, and a family that treats her well, plus regular treats and trips to the dog park.  Yes, there is a shortage of humans, the hand to dog ratio is not as high as it is in Shelby's new home.  They will probably wear the hair off of her head from petting her.   Meanwhile, Stella and I have had no fights, she gets along just fine with Nala, Bella and I.   Bella is the Alpha Female, the ruling queen of the house, and no one has ever argued with her or challenged her.   I am second in charge, and no one argues with me very often, once in a while I have to remind new comers that I am second in command in the house, but nothing serious.    Bella and I are both very large Goldens, and we are very experienced in having fosters in our home.   Stella seems to respect the established hierarchy in the house and is content to not challenge it. 

We are watching Stella and may let her have some play dates with our cousins to see how she does with a less structured house, to see how she responds.  In the meantime, we will enjoy the good life, we seem to have a good relationship going.   W will try and place her in a home again once we have worked with her for a while, but very carefully. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. KhonGRats to all!!!

    It was a GReat day indeed!!!


  2. YEA !!!!!
    What a happy post.
    Shelby & Lexie, may you have long wonderful lives in your new home.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. We will keep our fingers crossed for Stella, and are cheering (can you hear us?) excitedly for Lexi, Shelby and Buddy!


  4. Did we ever meet Buddy? That's a good name..I had a dog named Buddy.

    Congratulations on all the forever homes. I hope Stella learns that her own special family is even more fun than sharing yours!!

  5. Oh wow how great that three dogs got new homes!


  6. From one Stella to another: Its so obvious you want to stay in your foster home. Why not try and work it out with the rest of the dogs. You look like a good fit there! I often hear of "failed foster parents" and maybe just for you, they might consider this.

    I was never a foster dog, I went from three months in the slammer to my home, and I know I was a trial sometimes to my new Mom, but I try to be good and we get along very well.

    Stella, too

  7. Way to go Mogley!
    I wanted to check up on y'alls weekend before the Humans are off for a busy morning.
    Maybe Stella could just go to a home like Shelby's? If there's no other dog she'd have trouble pickin' a fight?
    I'll keep my paws crossed that she finds the perfect family and a real furever home in time for the HOlIDAYS!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Hi Mogley
    GReat news for Buddy Lexi & Shelby - good luck to all three of you!!! And Miss Stella - pay attention to Mogley & Bella & your home will be coming along soon too.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  9. It was such fun meeting Lexi and Shelby on Saturday. And Buddy got a great family where he can hike, play in the water at Chatfield and just have fun picking on his Golden Brother Murphy! Isn't it great when our Fosters go home with wonderful families!
    Hugs from Buddy's (now Timber) foster family

  10. Hooray for Lexi and Shelby! Don't worry Stella, your time will come. It ALWAYS works out for friends of Mogley. Don't get discouraged, you turn will come :)

  11. this is great news!
    i am so happy for them:3

  12. Congratulations Mogley on your success getting three dogs at once a new forever home. We guess that Stella likes it where she is, it will take a while for her to find her own forever home.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.