Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after Christmas

We are pleased to report that 9 ReinDogs once again guided Santa's sleigh on another successful annual toy delivery.    It was a fairly normal night of work, although there was some heavy snow in the Eastern US.   We think Santa has the worlds best job, he only works one night a year, then he gets 364 days to rest up.   Santa slept in late on Christmas day, when he did get up, he went out to our cousins for a late dinner.   Lots of food, as if he needed it after spending the night scarfing down milk and cookies along with other tempting goodies.  

We had a couple of adventures.  One of our blog readers left something that was referred to as "an adult beverage" on the fireplace for Santa.  Shortly after drinking a small glass of it, he turned to the chimney.  As he laid his finger up aside of his nose, he missed and instead he touched his thumb to the tip of his nose and got wedged as he whooshed up the flue.    He probably would not have gotten wedged if he had not held the rest of the bottle of the "adult beverage" in his other hand, uncapped, and tried to sample it on the way up without spilling it.  Going up a chimney with your head tilted back and a bottle to your mouth has to be tough.  We had to pour a jar of oil down the chimney to get him lose.  

Then there was the incident out of Nashville where Santa was left a whole plate of rum balls.  He had one, then laid a toy under the tree.  He had a second one, nodded and put another toy under the tree.    We had to perform an emergency extraction after the 12th rum ball, dragging Santa up the chimney by his suspenders.   We always carry some "contingent toys" on board just in case we find someone that has been extra good in the last days before Christmas.   Between the extra toys he left at the home with the "adult beverage" and the ones left for the rum balls, we had no extras toys left for the rest of the trip. 

Some of our dog blog readers have commented on the fact that at Midnight on Christmas Eve, all animals can speak.   While we can speak, most of us are smart enough not to.  At Santa's house, only the cats speak, and no one listens as all they do is complain.    The rest of us keep our mouths shut, we know better than to let the humans know we can speak.    If they ever find out we can speak, the next step would have us filling in when one of the workshop elves takes a break from building dolls or trucks.  

But enough about our work, we don't want to bore you with all this "shop talk" about Santa.   After all, how exciting can our lives be when all we do is hang out with a 1,000 year old elf?    Tomorrow we will post some of the photos of us with our Christmas gifts and we will tell you how the Reindogs fared on the journey.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. So, which one of woo was the Designated Driver?

    PeeEssWoo: Tell me about the khats - all that pffffft and hisssssssss - just too much!

  2. I for one LOVE hearing the Santa shop talk!

    Murphy would like to say thank you for leaving half a cookie at Luke's parent's house. He quite enjoyed it in the morning.


  3. Well, you had an exciting Christmas. Hope Santa has slept it off and recuperated.

  4. I never thought of so many problems with the Adult Beverage or candies with Rum or other high spirits. Maybe because Sandy Paws is an elf, he should leave the spirits alone, what do you think?


  5. So, Santa is management? The elves work all year building toys, Santa then works one day, has a T&E budget, and gets all the credit?

  6. Hi Mogley
    Sounds like you had an adventurous Christmas. We're glad that you and the other reindogs are back home resting and enjoying the Christmas holiday season.

    Rest up & Neeli says thank you for the new deer antler chew and woobie!

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  7. Sounds exciting , though! We bet Santa was pretty snockered by the end of the day.


  8. I can't wait to see the pictures - are you sure they aren't going to give away super secret information?