Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa at work: Stories from Santa

Above, Stella, Bella and I amuse ourselves with some three way tug-o-war.   Our three cousins went home and now it is just Bella, Stella, Nala and I here to amuse ourselves. 

The chauffeur is busy being Santa on the military bases.  He started up at Warren AFB, Cheyenne Wyoming, spending three days on base.   Now he is at Buckley AFB in Denver.   He has some stories he wants to share.   Santa makes special arrangements for Children in military families.   He says that the children make it so worth while.

Yesterday (Friday) he had a little boy and girl that were very worried.   Their daddy was being sent overseas on Monday, and they wanted a photo of the family together.  Then they wanted to find out if Santa could come by their house early, on Saturday Night.   They wanted to have Christmas early so they could share it with their Daddy before he had to leave.   Santa made sure they would be able to go to sleep Saturday night, knowing that Santa would indeed come by so they could have their Christmas with the whole family.   

Another little boy was troubled, they were being transferred and they could not put up a tree because they were packing up to move to Georgia the following week.   Santa was careful to get the new address so that he would know where to stop with the presents on Christmas eve.   Santa made sure they knew that they could still have Christmas at their new home, even if they could not put up a tree in time for Christmas Eve.

Many children were concerned because they had moved since last year and they wondered if Santa could find them at their new address.  The life of a military family often makes for frequent moves.   Santa is careful to take down new addresses so that he can make sure the address book is up to date.  Many children spend Christmas with their grand parents and we have to check on the addresses to see that the gifts get delivered correctly.   Sometimes it just takes a personal talk with Santa to make sure the children are comfortable that Christmas will find them wherever they are. 

One serious little girl only wanted two things for Christmas, both small toys.   When Santa questioned  her about what else she might want, she was very serious when she told Santa that she wanted her daddy back from overseas, and she said that was all he mommy wanted to have for Christmas too.   

Santa had his photo taken with a band, and with several units that were scheduling Christmas parties.  We scheduled several photo shoots with two units that were moving out.   Sometime in the following week, Santa will turn out to muster and join several groups for photos before they move out.  Santa has scheduled hours at the Base Exchange, but he is finding more things to do after hours and across the base.   The only thing we wonder is why we did not start doing this years ago.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Your Santa is pretty special!

    I think he's a keeper!


  2. Thanks for making my heart smile :)


  3. Santa sounds very busy and all for a great cause.
    Very heart warming stories.

    Wags N Kisses,

  4. What a great thing Santa is doing, especially when the children have such hard questions!

  5. To Mogley and Crew and your chauffeur.
    Job well done, this is the true meaning of Christmas.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  6. Hi Mogley,
    Y'all are goin' to have a very special Christmas to remember!
    Thanks for sharin',
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. We go with Kari in WeHo on that one. Thank you for making our hearts smile too.

    Thank you for all the caring, for the two legged ones and us, the four legged Goldens.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  8. What terrific Santa stories and so great for our men and women (and their families) who are protecting us.

  9. How does Santa keep the tears from rolling down his face with some of these kids? I hope every kid on a military base can have a special Santa like your Dad to talk to.


  10. ...your Santa certainly has high demands placed upon him this time of year...I hope he takes time for himself with rest, chew toys and plenty of naps...

    a delightful post...

  11. Santa, you are so good to comfort those children and make sure your records are up do date so you can find them. What sweet kids - we hope their families will be safe!

  12. Hi Mogley
    What a GReat dad you have! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful day today.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (Happy 16th B'Day my sweet little girl, 12/06/1994-10/21/2010)