Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa and his Reindogs get ready

Above, Nala poses for a new portrait in the warm morning light.   She shows why she is the favorite elder Golden in the house.   Below, Nala keeps watch for squirrels that may attack from other directions while Stella does the hard work of chasing the crazed squirrels up a tree. 

We are getting ready to pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve.  Surprisingly, many children still do not know that Reindeer are "so yesterday".  Our chauffeur (The Real Santa) spent about 20 days pretending to be a fake Santa by dressing up as a Mall Santa and talking in person to many children.    Most of them did not know that Reindogs pull the sleigh.   If you don't know about Santa and his Reindogs, you need to go back a couple of posts in this blog and catch up.

Many changes have taken place over the years, Santa is not old fashioned, he is up to date on technology.  His "Naught and Nice" list is now on line, well protected from theft by encryption technology we might add, you won't see this list on Wikileaks.   

Some basic changes have taken place at the North Pole.   No longer do bad people get coal in their stockings.   They were enjoying it and using it to keep warm.    Now if you get on the slightly bad list, you get a fruit cake.   No one can use a fruit cake, they won't even burn.  If you have been really bad, then you get a Chia Pet so that everyone can ridicule you and the whole world will know you have been bad.    We dare you to take a Chia Pet to Show and Tell at school when they ask "What did you get for Christmas?"  You better believe that child will work hard to be on the Nice list next year. 

Milk and cookies are still what most children leave out for Santa and his Reindogs.    Eating the cookies and drinking the milk is what keeps us Reindogs strong for the journey all night long.   Although a few more enlightened children are leaving dog treats under the tree, we make sure they get extra gifts for being so thoughtful. 
We recently started Nala on Rimadyl.  She was getting very slow when getting up and lying down, she was limping very noticeably when walking, her hips were very stiff.   Putting her on Rimadyl has made a new dog of her.   She now can go help Stella chase squirrels.  She does not actually chase them, she just gives Stella advise on how to chase them, based on her 13 years of experience.   She now serves as a consultant on the topic of squirrel chasing.     She is so much more mobile now.   She may be deaf and partly blind, but she still enjoys life.  She bounces and runs in circles when it is lunch time.   She is the clock watcher at our home, she starts telling everyone it is dinner time about one half hour before it is time.    She gets more and more excited and by the time dinner is served, she is bouncing around like a 2 year old puppy, which Stella is, not Nala.    It sure gets exciting at dinner time.    We each have our own place to eat and we have to go to that place, but that does not prevent Nala from jumping up and down at her feeding station.   

Nala is entering her second child hood and we all love it.  Stay young, Nala, you are a great lady.    She is still up for adoption on the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies web site and she is still technically a foster staying with us, but she would be so hard to move now.   She knows here way around, she gets along with everyone so well and with her deafness and blindness it would be hard for her to learn a new home. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I do hope the Beautiful Nala gets to stay with you folks. She seems to love you, and as you say, she knows her way around. We live far away from you in cold Minniesnowda, so its hard to imagine Nala having to change homes, people, dogs and climates at her age. We love it that she is in your loving home.


  2. Fruitcake? Oh man, I hope I haven't been THAT bad this year!!

    Nala, you are a beautiful lady. I hope Mogley will keep you there forever!

  3. Rimadyl is amazing. My last dog was on it for a while and it truly is wonderful how well it works!!

  4. We haven't laughed that much in a long time -- Fruitcake and Chia Pets.

    Nala is just about like our sister Lady, and she gets all exited too when it is breakfast/dinner time. We would not want to lose her as our sister. Mommie calls her her blessing.

    We are glad to hear that the "nice & naughty" list will not appear on Wikileaks. What a relief!!!

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  5. I like the teamwork between Nala and Stella :)


  6. I love the photos of Nala in this post. She looks soooo sweet that she melts my heart.

    I'm glad that rimadyl has made such a big difference. It's worth it!!!

    Ooooo, nobody wants fruitcake in their stocking!

  7. Nala, has such a sweet looking face, we can see how you would get very attached to her.
    We hope that she is able to stay in your wonderful home, with the rest of the pals she has learned to love.

    Hamish & Sophie

  8. Oh Nala seems very wise...
    You know Kim, I was wondering when Santa was going to get an 'update' since everything else in this world is...I am sure to be nice becuase I can't stand fruitcake...I don't think they've made any new in years; they've just recycled the ones they made year ago...don't you think?
    I always smile when I see your goldens...makes me think of Hurricane :)

  9. Sounds to us like the Real Santa could give Nala a super huge present and let her stay in a home that she is used to... Besides, the younger Reindogs could ALWAYS benefit from the wisdom of older, retired Reindogs. (And clearly Nala has a lot of wisdom to share, particularly in the squirrel chasing department.) As for fruitcake and Chia pets? We're hoping that if we leave enough dog cookies and a healthy belt of scotch, that Santa might overlook some of our, erm, indiscretions! ;-) Please tell Nala from us that we think she's a GORGEOUS girl and we're thrilled that we are half-(distant) cousins!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. Hi Y'all!

    What...warm did you say? Where's y'alls snow?

    Always thought y'all would want Nala to stay with y'all forever.

    Y'all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. What a wonderful posse you have Mogley. Nala is pretty cool for knowing she can be a consultant at this age. All squirrels should be getting fruitcake for Christmas. That'll teach em.

  12. Mom smiled...and then the smile grew as she read more and more of the post!


  13. Glad you guys have the squirrel situation covered over there... I'm doing my best here, but there is only one of me and sooooooooo many squirrels. They tease and they taunt, but I'm vigilant! Mom says that Rimadyl really helped their dog Summer. She used a low dose of it that kept her comfortable for about 3 years and gave her a better quality life. So nice for Nala to be active again.

  14. What a beauty Nala is - the sweetness & gentleness of her white haired face. We think she's found a home with you!

    Love the reindog continuation story. Neeli is going to leave treats under the Christmas tree - she knows what doggies like best!

    Keep up the GReat work Mogley.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  15. My sister Nala is also 13! She's not deaf and she's still in good health, and she too runs around sometimes like a puppy! She does tire fast though, and it's sad because I want her to chase me longer than she is able to.

    I enjoyed reading about all your doggies!

    Woofs & hugs,