Monday, December 27, 2010

Photos, complaints and new dogs.

Above, a photo of Lulu as she dashes about.   She is hard to slow down, hopefully we will get some clearer photos of her as time goes by.

We do have a couple of photos of our Christmas gifts.   As you know, Santa and his Reindogs have a delayed Christmas gift opening so that we have a chance to rest.  Below, I select my favorite toy.   Stella took her favorite toys to her cushion.   Next photo, Stella shows me some Holiday love.   Last photo, Nala shows us her wonderful form as she keeps watch by the door. 

Lulu:  We are pleased to announce that our cousins picked up Lulu from the rescue before Christmas and plan on keeping her for a while as a foster.  We needed Lulu to make our team of 9 reindogs complete.   We also needed to get Lulu into a foster home because she is indeed a lady in need.   She is carried on the list of adoptable Goldens under "zzLulu" because she is part Aussie.  This makes her a challenge because she also tells us she has been abused or hit by men, she does not like men very well, but men with something in their hand is especially scary for her.   Combine some fear with the Aussie nervousness and high energy, and Lulu is indeed a challenge.   Lulu is a beautiful lady, she has a very dark red coat, with a blaze of white on her tummy.  When we first met her she barked continuously at the Chauffeur, even when he gave her a treat.   Once she got used to him, she would bark again if he moved from one chair to another, or if she had been outside and came back in, any reason to bark at men.   When he picked up a magazine she went wild.   She needs to spend some time in foster homes to learn to trust again.   She plays well with other dogs, and she likes women a lot.   She is a lover, not a truster.     Since everyone from our cousins home is going to spend a week here over New Years, we will get a chance to see if she can calm down with lots of attention. 

Stop over via this link and visit  A life spend wagging.  Kira is recovering from an accident with the assistance of her Golden friend Murphy,  they need the "power of the paw" to help them on their road. 

Santa's complaints have started coming in.  It turns out that Santa's brush with alcohol had greater impact than we had anticipated.  First we had a very irate call from The Trump Tower.   I tried to tell Santa that the card said "Dan at the Tramp Tower", not "Don at the Trump Tower", but he left the black velvet painting of Elvis anyway.   The last time we made a mistake in delivering gifts to this address, two people got fired.   We did get a nice thank you call from the Tramp Tower Homeless Shelter, they are enjoying a fine painting of water Lillie's. 

Mona sent us a tweet reminding us that she is allergic to Reindog hair, and when I handed Santa the gift that he took down her chimney, apparently some hair rode along.   Her nose ran all morning when she unwrapped her presents.   We apologize, normally running in the air for a few hours at high speed removes all of the loose Reindog hair. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Glad you all had a chance to rest. We can only imagine how hard all that work is, but we know it is done with love.

  2. Hi Mogley and Reindogs supreme!

    We follow Kira and Murphy and have for a long time. Glad y'all mentioned her.

    Paws crossed here for LuLu!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Lulu is quite beautiful and I am sure she will blossom with some TLC :)


  4. I'll bet you're all very tired!

    Lulu sure sounds like a nice dog; it's a shame someone was mean to her. I know you'll restore her faith in men, Mogley.

  5. You all are beautiful, but Lulu is a knock out. She just has to be around your pack Mogley, and your cousins, and see how wonderful life can be. Nala can vouch for that, she looks so content and happy now.

    As for Santa's incident with rum balls and the Trump Tower, we just shake out heads sadly. Mommie's co-workers would give their eye teeth for an Elvis painting on black velvet.

    Keep up the good work, Mogley. We love all your pictures and stories about your exiting life.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. I am sure Lulu will be fine soon. I am quite sure your Dad (the Chauffeur) is saddened that this beautiful girl is afraid of him because someone else hurt her.

    Happy 2011 to all!


  7. Hi Mogley
    Lulu is very pretty - my Mom tells me that her Keelee (1995-2008) was a Golden Aussie too. Lulu is in good hands in your home - we're sure you will be able to get her to trust men again soon.

    Enjoy your toys - Neeli loves her so much.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  8. Lulu - a Special Note from Kiska - It took a long road and lots of love and patience, but Kiska is far more trusting than she used to be (though still wary of certain people, particularly teenage boys). Kiska says just be patient and know that there are good hu-men out there.

  9. Please tell Lulu we'll be thinking of her and knowing she khan do it -

    I khame 'here' with some male issues too -

    Now, I khan't get enough of 'em!


  10. I sure hope you can restore Lulu's faith in the human kind. She deserves a loving happy home.

    I recently referred a family wanting to surrender a Golden to the GRRR. I hope they called and did the right thing.

    Wags N Kisses,

  11. Lulu is quite the cutie!


  12. Lulu looks like a sweetie - I'm sure you all will be able to help her adjust to a loving lifestyle. BTW, we had no complaints - Mom just hopes Santa liked the 18 year old Glen Fiddich she left for him (she had a little herself, and proclaimed it good enough for Santa...)!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus