Sunday, September 7, 2008

Almost party time

Only one week to go until the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Picnic. In only one week, they will throw hundreds of tennis balls out into the lake, certain balls will be marked as “Prize Balls” and if we retrieve one of these balls we will win a prize. In the pool the humans were trying to get us to fetch the marked balls. We just thought the marked ones were dirty, so we left them till last. If the humans want the prize balls they can jump in and fetch them themselves. We are all resting up for the big event.

Hundreds of Golden Retrievers running, swimming and playing in the lake. Tents with tables of food, people with flimsy paper plates and slippery fingers. To the watching dog will go the spoils, or the chicken leg if someone gets careless. Wait till you see the pictures afterwards. Even better, join us. If you don't have a Golden Retriever, you can call Golden Retriever Rescue, or visit them on line by clicking the link on the left of the blog, and adopt one. Give a Golden Retriever a home and get a pass to the party. I hope to see some of the 12 or 14 Golden's that we have fostered in the last year and renew old friendships. I hope they all come so we can see each other again.

It was a great swimming party. In the last blog you read about the 6 Golden Retrievers that came by to have a swim party with Bella, Autumn and I. The next day when they cleaned the pool you would think they had never seen dog hair before. When the pool filter was cleaned, the matt of golden hair that came out of it looked like a dead animal. They said that there was enough hair to allow them to knit another Golden Retriever. What they will do with a Golden Retriever that looks like a sweater is beyond me.

Mogley G. Retriever

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