Thursday, September 25, 2008

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I have had some good comments left on my blog. One person questioned why Bella and Emma did not like to swim, they thought all Golden Retrievers loved water. They do love water, they run and play in it, they just don't like to get in the deep water because it is too much work for them to swim laps in the pool. They much prefer laying in the sun.

Gavin came by to visit, he and Riley were walking in the park behind our house. We ran out and barked hello; he brought his humans up to the fence to talk with us. He says he was not dropped in the mountains as some comments have suggested. He was hiking in the back country, very high in the Rocky Mountains, a long way from any roads. He was walking with his humans on a trail when they wandered off and got lost. He says there were lots of good scent trails to follow, but he had only gone a few feet off the trail before his humans dissapeared. For a week he waited for someone to show up, he searched up and down the trail. Finally he followed a hiker back to a road where he caught a ride to town and ended up with Golden Retriever Rescue. He is enjoying having a friend to play with. He says that being rescued is a good thing, he is getting extra food and lots of treats. His ribs are dissapearing and he has been brushed a lot, his coat is beautiful.

I have had some good links from other dogs and blogs. If you have not visited the BumpassHounds at ttp:// please do so. They have some good postings. They do Golden Retriever rescue as well as following daily adventures of a number of friends.

Piper has become a water dog. She will get into the pool and stay there for hours at a time. She swims for a while, then sits on the steps to rest, then pushes off and swims more. She willl shiver so hard the water around her shakes, but she will not climb out. When the humans call her out of the pool to dry off and rest, she swims to the center of the pool and won't come in. I swim with her for a while, but I get out and run in the sun. They are now locking Piper up and only allowing her outside when it is warm. They bribe her with treats to get her to swim in where they can put a leash on her. Piper says that swimming is so much fun that she does not want to stop. When they towel her off to dry her, she enjoys it a lot, she jumps back in the pool, then comes running over, dripping wet, to get toweled off again. The humans went through five or six towels today trying to keep her dry. How do you tell a Golden Retriever not to swim? The humans say that we need to enjoy it while we can, they will cover the pool shortly for the winter. I wonder if they ever leave water in the bath tub when it is unguarded?

Thank you for reading,

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey Mogley,
    OPur late brother Chance was a Golden Retriever that didn't like the water even for wading in and he'd only go swimming if Dad went into the lake. Homer J. doesn't like to swim, probably cuz he's 9 years old, but he does wade around so that the waves are just below his tummy. The rest of us swim when ever we get to go down to the lake. We can swim in our lake just about year round because our side of the lake is heated. Lake Anna is a man made lake: ( that is split in to two halves; the cold side and the warm side. We live on the warm side so we can even go swimming in January but our coats may get icy on the walk home.
    Glad to hear that Gavin is doing so good and that he's still with Riley. It must be getting really cool way up there cuz it's getting cool way down here.
    - TBH
    - TBH

  2. The Bumpass Hounds site is so cute! Thanks for recommending!

  3. Hi Mogley,

    I just heard that Mary's dog Canyon died last week. She is very very sad. Maybe you could write a tribute to him in a future blog.

    We all bow our heads in sorrow.

    Riley, Gavin (now River), the kitties (Katy and Cricket) and the human Colleen

  4. Hi Mogley,

    Finally visited the bumpasshounds blog and it's great! Along with yours, it's added to my favorites. :)

    You are lucky the weather has continued to be so warm so you keep getting to swim in the pool. I hope it stays open for you quite late this year!

    Riley and River want to add a note:
    Hi Mogley,
    We were noticing that you haven't recently done a piece on the difficulties of living with cats. Last night, our human got home just in time to take us for a walk before dark, but one of the cats, Cricket, slipped out the back door and hid under the deck (this is a no-no for him, as he is a strictly indoor cat). By the time he was coaxed out and brought inside, it was too late for our walk! How fair is that? Not at all! We want justice! Is there anything that can be done?

    Riley and River