Friday, September 19, 2008

Five Goldens Again

Bella and I have three house guests. Our cousins have come to stay for several weeks. The human's son-in-law and daughter have their house for sale and while they show the buyers through they want to pretend their house did not have dogs. I don't know how they explain the dog doors in the wall and the dog toys still laying in the back yard. So far several buyers liked the dog doors and one dog visitor played with the bones. From the left, Bella, Molly, Mogley, Piper with Emma behind. Meanwhile, five Golden's get to play together. Molly, Piper and I are almost the same age, so we can really play hard. Their parents stop by often to visit them so we all get more attention, more play time and more fun. We get lots of treats. Feeding time gets pretty exciting, the humans make us each sit and wait, then we get our bowls. We are not allowed to help one another eat. It is really hard to behave. Bella and Emma don't like to swim, but if I get in the pool, Piper and Molly will jump in with me and swim as long as I want to. We can stay wet for most of the day. It sure is fun having visitors.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. These are the cutest pictures! I can't imagine what a houseful it must be with five goldens (and the cats too). But I bet it's entertaining! :) Have fun with your cousins, you gorgeous dogs!