Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Molly's Special Day!

The pool party on Sunday was so much fun we forgot to tell you that we were celebrating a very special day. Molly (see photo below, fetching a yellow tennis ball) was a volunatry surrender foster dog at the home of Emma and Piper. They had picked her up from a big home on the hill. A home that did not have room for an overly energetic 9 month old Golden. She was surrendered for having too much energy, being too full of life as a puppy. She was surrendered because she was a Golden, seeking love. Her foster family took Molly to meet several prospective families that wanted to provide a home. Molly was not going to have any part of new people. When she met the families that wanted her, she gave them the cold shoulder. She liked being where she was, thank you, and she saw no reason to even get acquainted with those strangers. She had it all figured out, if no one took her home, she could stay where she was. Molly and Piper had become inseparable buddies, playing till they both dropped, day after day. After several failed attempts to find her a new home, it became emotionally hard for the humans to to even try to adopt her out, she was a part of the family. Molly won, she knew where she belonged, she just had to make the humans see it too.

The humans did not want her to go, but when you foster a dog for the rescue, a foster parent is expected to work to find a new home. "Foster Failures" are when a foster family refuses to give up a foster dog after they become attached to it. We don't have a term for when a dog makes up its own mind to stay and not allow new people to bond with it, but that is what Molly did. Molly is a failure, a very happy failure. We were celebrating Molly's adoption and her new "Forever Home", we were celebrating her "failure".

Molly had her first day in the pool, visiting her cousins, swimming until she was worn out, swimming until she had cleared the pool of balls and floating toys, swimming until she had celebrated her special day. Emma and Piper welcome you to your new home Molly, may you find happiness, love and all the playtime you could ever want.

Here are a few pictures of our Olympic class diving dogs, we were too late for the Olympics, but we put on a good show anyway. Below, on your mark, get set, go!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley,

    My name is Riley -- your humans met my human, Colleen, at the volunteer party on Saturday. Your human invited us over to swim on Sunday, but my mom had forgotten that she had already committed to looking after her sister's dogs that day so we didn't get to come. :( It looks like you had a great time! I am happy for Molly too -- my mom said she met Molly's people too and that they are really nice! She is lucky.

    We love your blog!

    Maybe I will get to meet you at the GRRR reunion picnic! :)

    Till then,

  2. Way to go Molly! You knew you had found your forever home; just took awhile for your people to know too!
    Way to go Mogley! We love your stories and pics!

    C Pup

  3. Allright Molly! We are so happy for you! You have a wonderful, loving family now and there's nothing but a bright and happy future ahead of you! With lots of swimming and diving...

    GR-eat pictures by the way :)

  4. Hey y'all,
    Well we hope that your rescue group doesn't hold it against Molly's new family that she didn'y want to live anywhere else. Our brother Chance, he's at The Bridge now, was fostered and adopted out but he came back to us and he didn't want to leave again and he stayed with us 'til he had to go to The bridge because of the cancer. Old Bear Dog was a rescue from GRR. Abby and Homer J. are rescues from AHGRR. Gordon was a blind rescue that supposedly had "special needs" but his only special need was to be loved; he went to The Bridge in January to be with Chance. There 8 of us dogs and 3 of them cats in the pack now.
    - TBH