Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Joys of a five dog household

Over the next few blogs I will point out some of the changes that have taken place from “the good old days” when we were a two dog household, to now when we are (temporarily) a five dog household. I see a lot of very good things, but my human only sees the bad. For example:

The humans used to do their pooper scooping using the tools in the picture below.
Now the humans accuse us of being so messy that they have to use the tools shown below when it is time to pooper scoop.
I think this is an insult. We are not that messy, besides, he is sure picky about his lawn. Dogs will rule, especially with the superior numbers we now have in the household. Tonight if he gets up in the dark, he is going to trip over five dogs before he can find the door.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley,

    I know what you mean. Sometimes my mom refers to us as "poopin' units" -- I find that somewhat offensive. If she hasn't noticed, we don't have opposable thumbs or perhaps we would clean up after ourselves! Anyway, just make sure your human doesn't get hurt if he trips over all of you. He does provide the food, and walks, and trips to the dog park, and toys, etc. BTW, it was good seeing you all the other day when we came walking by your house!

    Riley (and Gavin)

  2. Well thats a first for me, I thought all Retrievers loved the water...

  3. Mogley,
    Original our human had just Rusty. Then they got Penny to keep Rusty company. Then they rescued Old Bear Dog. Then Jubal came to live with us. By this time Jubal was too exuberant for the aging Rusty and Penny so J.E.B. came to live with us to play with Jubal. Parker was fostered with us for a while as were Shasta, Lucky and Champ; but those 4 went to new homes. Chance was rescued and came to live here and then was fostered but then he came back again and stayed with us until he died. Shelby Belle joined us and we just had to rescue did Abby Dabby Doo. We rescued Homer J. after Chance went to the Bridge. The Mom decided to get Max and six months later we rescued his sister Shiloh. So now there's 8 of us and Dad says he need a front end loader to follow us around the paddock. So we know how it's going at your place.
    - TBH