Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love is a wet dog!

Three wet dogs running in the early morning sun to dry off after a dip in the pool. Molly is ahead of Piper, I am running to catch up.
Love is a wet dog, but why do the humans lock us out of the house just because we go swimming? There is so much news today, I don't know where to begin. The son-in-law and daughter are buying a new home, so their old home is on the market. Apparently having three dogs in the home does not help it sell when the realtor takes buyers to look at it. Emma, Molly and Piper were dropped off last night, at first I thought it was just a play date. Then I saw them bring in the dog food, beds and toys. They are staying for a few days till the house sells and they move into the new one. Oh, joy! Below, I and Molly run in the morning sun before our first swim of the day. This morning Molly, Piper and I celebrated by taking a morning swim. It was so much fun we took another swim. We enjoyed that one so much we jumped in again. Piper did not even came out between dips, she just came back to the steps, stood a while in the water and pushed off again for another lap or two. Here are some pictures of the fun we are having together. Emma and Bella are inside, dry, napping. They are spoil sports.

Below, Molly, on the left, myself with Piper on the right, are begging to be allowed in the house. We are not really that wet, The water was clean, so are we, so what is the problem? Carpets dry, don't they?

Last night we took Autumn, the foster that has been visiting for the past three weeks, back to her forever home. We are very happy for her. We also miss her a lot, she was a very nice friend during the three weeks she stayed here. We will tell her story as soon as I dry out again, it is a long and complex story.

When we dropped off Autumn, we picked up Galvin to take to another foster home near by. He has a scary story to tell, he was found wandering in the forest, very high in the Rocky Mountains, hungry and lost. When we picked him up he had been at the vets getting checked over. He is very, very thin but in good health, and in very good spirits after being lost in the wilderness.

Watch for some wonderful Golden Retriever Rescue stories on Galvin and Autumn in the next few blogs. The humans won't let me type on the computer when I am wet and I hear the pool calling.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. OMG that last picture is flipping ADORABLE. They look SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  2. You are sooo wet!! And it looks like you guys have so much fun.

    love & wags,

  3. Hey Y'all,
    Cool Pool! We don't have one, just the lake but it's heated all year like some pools so we can go swimming in the winter if the people are up to it. What FUN!
    - TBH